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Long Weekends
Long Weekends

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Date: May 31 2013

Themes: Holidays, Time

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Laundry, groceries, reading, hanging out with friends, even sleeping… weekends can be so busy! We have two days away from work, but do we really get to rest? Sometimes the best reward for a challenging week at school or a job is the prospect of a long weekend. With an extra day or two to relax, it can feel like all that hard work is going to pay off.

Long weekends are so desirable and anticipated that websites exist just to alert people to upcoming weekends of three days or more. People use their long weekends to go on road trips, work on house projects, or even throw parties.

What is your first thought when a long weekend is coming up? Do you want to leave town, or would you rather stay local?





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Amanda:   You know what’s the best?

Jeff:   What’s that?

Amanda:   Long weekends.

Jeff:  I’m going to have to mostly agree with you.

Amanda:   You only need a Saturday or Sunday and then tack on a Friday or Monday to really be able to unwind.

Jeff:  Yeah, I think sleeping in three days in a row is really great.

Amanda:   I couldn’t agree more. I feel like if you just have a regular weekend, it’s not enough time to get out of town… can’t take a road trip... certainly can’t get on a plane. If you have a three day weekend, you can take up to a five hour flight. You still have time. Don’t you think?

Jeff:  Yeah, I also like how you get two full days of fun, doing whatever you want. Then the last day always is kind of a bummer. On a normal weekend, you only get one full day.

Amanda:  And you mentioned about sleeping in? I feel less guilty about taking naps, too.

Jeff:  Mmm, naps.

Amanda:  Warm milk… yes.

Jeff:  The only problem, though, I find… which is why I said I partially agree with you… is that it’s harder to get back to work or whatever your responsibilities.

Amanda:  Oh, are you working now?

Jeff:   Yeah.

Amanda:  Good for you!


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Amanda and Jeff are discussing their love of long weekends. Amanda feels like people can do so much more when they have an extra day or two away from their responsibilities. For example, they can take road trips or fly somewhere far away.

Jeff especially enjoys getting more sleep on long weekends, and Amanda adds that it’s easier for her to take naps when she knows she has more time. It seems like the only real problem about long weekends is when they end!

What do you like about long weekends? How do you enjoy spending your extra time away from work or school?



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Weekends can best be exploited by comtemplating on the passed days; eventually to figure out what is there to change and what is there to preserve. This is beneficial in the sense that we avoid unnecessary disappointments of tomorrow! But this is not to forget exploiting the joy of present :)

01:37 PM May 31 2013 |



I really love weekends….. I love them with a burning passion.. it is when I can chill out and sleep the whole day… lol-... nah.. Actually I love to take some walks mainly in the forest to look at the intricacies of the nature and all the amazing things that we have and that we sometimes don´t even realize about it…...

BUT I´d like a extra day.. between saturday and sunday.. I´d call it funday.. lol.. and Does anyone know why sunday is toooooo near from monday and monday tooooo far from sunday? it is not fair if you think about it..  :D

01:29 PM May 31 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I love holidaysa and weekends,cause i shoulden’t go to school,i don’t need to study and i can sleep a lot and get relax ,go to the party or spendd my times with my friends.

about leave my town,i’m not sure because in all the time my parents are working and they have a bit free time for long travel but we can go to the little travel.

in my country summer is near and my school finish soon,i can’t waiting for it:D

Irene Forever


I adore long weekends, and I always impatiently wait for them to come. I need a rest from my busy days, and I don’t know a better weekend than spending time out of town. Communication with nature is able to give much more relaxation than any local activity.  I can enjoy the beautiful surrounding and a river nearby my countryside house. I can either take care after my flowers and other plants or swim in the river by day. In the evening I can feel the calmness of the fields. And finally I can admire the beauty of the night sky at night.

Tomorrow I’m going to the best place ever again. Let it never end…



Syrian Arab Republic

haviging road trips visiting my relatives and meeting friends

09:24 AM May 31 2013 |




Long weekend means sleeping for a long time, having a heavy meal with the family, hanging  out  with friends and preparing yourself for the work day. 

Today is Friday, the weekend here, so happy weekend for all.

09:11 AM May 31 2013 |




A long weekend is really the best if someone is the whole time in a daily business. But on the other hand thinking about a lond weekend a trying to make a great plans for road trips of flying to any where else is a LUXUS problem :-)

05:19 AM May 31 2013 |




Business and daily meals ended it a day and do not like to leave it to the end of the week.

03:56 AM May 31 2013 |




Taking a 5 hours flight at a 3 days weekend (like Amanda said)? Plus getting to/from Airport plus checkin time …. I don’t know, okay I am in the middle age. Maybe a generation conflict ;)

Joke aside – of course I like long weekends but I can relax at a normal weekend too.  I like to take a road trip or to visit friends/relatives, or having a BBQ in the garden ;) Depends on the weather, of course.

01:12 AM May 31 2013 |

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