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Learn English with this jeans English lesson

Date: Jul 19 2013

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Would you believe that jeans were created for cowboys? Made from denim, blue jeans were so durable that it made perfect sense to wear them on the ranch. Eventually jeans became popular with the everyday person. From babies to grandmothers, everyone owns a pair.

Celebrities even wear high-fashion jeans on the red carpet. But is that cool? Can they be worn anytime and anywhere, or should jeans be worn only in casual situations? There must be limits. Who decides?

Keep reading to hear Jeff and Mason discuss when and where they think it’s OK to wear jeans today.





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Jeff:  So, I’ve got a question. I was at this event the other night and I had a pair of jeans on. I looked around and I felt a little self-conscious. When do you think it’s OK to wear jeans and when is it not?

Mason:  This is a complicated question, I think, because there are jeans and there are jeans. Right? Jeans have become such an industry. The denim industry is so big that there are high-fashion jeans that you’d probably be OK wearing to an event of a certain type. Versus if you’re just grabbing a pair of 501s… that’s maybe a little bit too casual for anything other than working in the garage on the weekend.

Jeff:  Well, I had the professional look going on that night.

Mason:  They had the nice sparkle thread in them.

Jeff:  No, I don’t do that. I don’t go that far.

Mason:  Cool. I’ve got to be honest with you. One of my big pet peeves is buying the pre-torn jeans. That makes zero sense to me.

Jeff:  Wear them enough and that’ll happen. It’s funny how they could be considered a “dress pant” when they became popular purely out of function.

Mason:  I would say the fact that I could basically wear nothing but jeans is just a fulfillment of their function at the highest state of performance.


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Jeff recently went to an event wearing jeans. He tells Mason that looking around at the other guests, he felt uncomfortable. He wasn’t sure that it was OK to be in jeans even though he thought his clothes were professional. Jeff asks Mason when he thinks it’s OK to wear jeans and when it isn’t.

His answer? It depends. There are all kinds of jeans today, and some are definitely OK to wear when you’re going out. Masons points out that the fashion industry makes jeans that are very different from the kind you’d wear while working around the house. Basically, there are jeans for every occasion.

Jeans can cost a few dollars at a second-hand store, or thousands of dollars from a famous designer. It’s amazing how one type of clothing can function for so many situations.

Is it always OK to wear jeans? When is it not OK? Where have you seen people wearing jeans that seemed improper or inconsiderate?



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South Korea

We do not wear jeans everyday because of formal business meeting. Company permits to wear jeans on Friday only. 

03:02 PM Jul 19 2013 |

1 person likes this

lady sipan

lady sipan


i like jeansssss

01:05 PM Jul 19 2013 |



I like wearing jeans

12:42 PM Jul 19 2013 |



jeans where to wear

jeans the mark of fashion

jeans the mark to like

11:50 AM Jul 19 2013 |




well according to me jeans is very high fashionanle dress and its very common all over the world..since from my childhood i like to wear jeans,though its very casual wear but its very suitable dress as well..whatever body shape like fat,slim etc its easily grab human body and do match up perfectly..its very suitable dress…atlest we can do feel after wearing a jeans “i am sexy n i know it”...:-)

11:18 AM Jul 19 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

when I wanna go out,defenitely,I choose them to wear and it doesn’t matter where I plan to go.no doubt,all youth like them.but when you ask where or when they are appropriate to wear then I should tell you that’s completely backs to your culture.in my country that might be ok to wear them in a business meeting(I said might) and in another country people may find it even insulting!and sometimes you just wear what you like adside from what people think or say!!!(that would be me :) )

08:55 AM Jul 19 2013 |




I like wearing jeans i think i seem better when wear jeans.

05:05 AM Jul 19 2013 |




I really enjoy wearing jeans. It’s very comom here in Brazil people have many jeans to work , to go to the school too.

02:59 AM Jul 19 2013 |

1 person likes this



Well, I love Jeans.
I guess that haven’t occasions for you to use jeans, but there is one jeans you can to use to each occasion.

Of course,  a nice combination Shirt/ T-shirt + jeans makes all difference.

02:42 AM Jul 19 2013 |

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