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Monsters University
Monsters University

Learn English with this movies English lesson

Date: Aug 05 2013

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Monsters University is a new release from the animation studio Pixar. It’s a prequel to the popular Pixar movie Monsters, Inc., and it tells the story of a few monsters who go to college. These monsters don’t major in typical subjects like history or mathematics, though. They major in “scaring.”

Though they don’t appear on screen, some famous actors have contributed their voices to Monsters University. Billy Crystal is the voice of monster Mike Wazowski, and John Goodman is the voice of monster Sulley Sullivan. This voiceover work seems very popular for actors these days. Is it possible that it requires less work from them, but they still get paid lots of money?

Find out if Greta and Mason are excited about Monsters University in this movies English lesson.

《怪兽大学》(Monsters University) 是皮克斯 (Pixar) 动画工作室推出的电影新作。它是皮克斯热映影片《怪兽电力公司》(Monsters, Inc) 的前传,讲述了几个去上大学的怪兽的故事。但是,这些怪兽主修的并不是历史或数学这类典型课程,而是如何“吓人”。

虽然一些著名影星没有出演《怪兽大学》,但却担任了这部影片的配音工作。比利·克里斯特尔 (Billy Crystal) 和约翰·古德曼 (John Goodman) 分别为“大眼仔”麦克 (Mike Wazowski) 和“毛怪”苏利文 (Sulley Sullivan) 配音。近来,配音工作似乎颇受演员们欢迎。难道是因为这类工作不但工作量少,而且报酬依然丰厚?



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Greta:  My favorite Pixar movie of all time is Monsters, Inc.

Mason:  Yes.

Greta:  Which I know is kind of an unusual choice. Most people go for Toy Story. So I’m really excited about Monsters University.

Mason:  I’m glad someone is, because I look at it and I’m like, this seems dumb. It’s the prequel that nobody needed to make.

Greta:  Yeah, and it’s hitting a weird demographic, where the kids who watched it when they were young children have outgrown cartoons. Maybe it is for the adults who watched it with those kids. I loved loved loved Billy Crystal and John Goodman in the first one. They did the voiceovers for the two main characters. I just think it’s going to be fun. They’re majoring in scaring, and they have this big rivalry, and then in Monsters, Inc. they’re best friends. To kind of see that progression of the friendship.

Mason:  So, yeah, they made this movie for you. It is tying in to that nostalgia of “Hey, remember this thing that you like so much? Let’s go hang out with them more.” Just like The Hobbit, which I have no reason to criticize anybody who wants to do anything like that. Because The Hobbit was great.

Greta:  Absolutely.


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Greta’s very excited about the upcoming movie, Monsters University, because it’s the prequel to her favorite movie from the Pixar studio. Mason likes Monsters, Inc. too, but he doesn’t really see the point of the prequel.

Greta agrees that the new movie is probably just coming out to satisfy people’s nostalgia. But she really likes the actors who do the voiceovers in the movie, and she thinks it’s going to be cool to see how the characters became friends.

And even though he’s critical, Mason understands. He is a fan of some prequels, like The Hobbit, so he can’t be that judgmental of Greta’s enthusiasm.

Did you see Monsters, Inc.? Are you excited about Monsters University? Do you like animated films, or do you think they’re just for children?



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it seems,a funny and wonderful 100 minutes wait us on ” Monster University” 

ı hope ı can watch it in a short time ..coz ı like these kind of movies,animated cartoon movies..they give me smiles and cheer moments..when ı watched them , ı feel a different world with childish feelings although ım a mature man :)

01:50 PM Aug 05 2013 |

1 person likes this



It’s not such pyramid as you mentioned guys.I’ve googled on images and i saw one big eye on M letter.we cant accuse of producers or who invented that logo.even if they had masonic intents they would have some messages for demographics.i havent watched it yet.maybe someone and answer it who might have watched it before .the things is what its extent in the film

01:23 PM Aug 05 2013 |




12:21 PM Aug 05 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

wowwwwwww.i love this animated.they are monster but they fell in love,they do lots of thingsssssssssss.

michel is so kind,i like him:)


11:43 AM Aug 05 2013 |



I like animated films and Pixar.And I think the cartoons that Pixar,Dreamworks etc. create are devoted to every age.In my opinion people should watch cartoons in every age because they have something especial that films don’t.

09:09 AM Aug 05 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yep i have seen it.no i think these kind of films is not just for children.nomatter how old u are .if u r interested in animated films  ;u  should just enjoy of them..

08:38 AM Aug 05 2013 |




I like watching animated films and I think Pixar movie studio is a great one. They always make their cartoons colourful, the animation is very well done and it’s a pleasure for the eyes. I don’t agree that cartoons are only made for children. Lots of adults like them, it’s a way to get back to the childhood. When I was a little girl, for example, we didn’t have such well done cartoons and didn’t go to the cinema to see them. Besides, watching cartoons with your children draws you closer and you have lots of fun afterwards talking about different characters, your impressions, etc.

AA for the newly realeased Monsters movie, I don’t feel excited, because I haven’t seen it. The theme of monsters doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll wait some years while my daughters are growing up, and then may be we’ll see it together.

07:58 AM Aug 05 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

i preferd the old one

06:38 AM Aug 05 2013 |

Mr. Learner


@Ola33, what’s all this about? The one dollar’s symbols, and the Seeing eye?
Are you refering to the Free Masons?!

05:52 AM Aug 05 2013 |

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I like Monsters, Inc, especially the dialouge which is childishly witty and adult as well :)

 ”I’m in the zone today, Sullivan. I’m gonna do some serious scaring, putting up some big numbers”

So Monsters University will be fun to watch. Thanks Imperivm for mentioning all seing eye. Hadn’t not been for your association, I wouldn’t have read  the US one dollar bill  symbols.


04:52 AM Aug 05 2013 |




er…I nearly have never seen animated movies in cinema, because I think it is not worthy to pay the money.But I like seeing animated movies in network or computer,such as KUNGFU PANDA, and I also like watching TV of NARUTOM or ONE PIECE. I think they are funny and encouragement.

02:56 AM Aug 05 2013 |

1 person likes this

Mr. Learner


@I M P E R I V M, do you believe in conspiracy theories?

02:40 AM Aug 05 2013 |

Mr. Learner


I haven’t ever watched Monsters Inc movie. However, I love animated movies more than any other kind of movies. Generally, I like children stuffs. For example, I tend to read children novels more than other kinds of novels. I think even though I have outgrown these things, I still like them more than adults stuffs.

02:28 AM Aug 05 2013 |

1 person likes this


United States

have you noticed that the logo of monsters inc is the “pyramid of the all seeing eye” if looking closely? it is scary right?

02:20 AM Aug 05 2013 |

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