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National Parks
National Parks

Learn English with this travel English lesson

Date: Aug 12 2013

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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If you live in a city, it can sometimes be hard to remember that unpopulated areas of the world still exist. Once you get outside of the city limits, there are actually forests, deserts, and wide open fields. The United States government has turned some of those areas into national parks, so that no one can ever develop them. They will be preserved as natural areas forever.

Many people take vacations to these national parks to enjoy all they have to offer. You can go hiking, fishing, swimming, and even mountain-climbing at a national park. You can also see all kinds of wildlife. Beware if you go in the summer, though, because the main creatures you see might be tourists!

Find out about Marni and Devan’s experiences with national parks in this travel English lesson.





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Devan:  I’m going to Arizona this week with my family.

Marni:  Wow.

Devan:  We’re going to the Grand Canyon.

Marni:  Excellent.

Devan:  I’m really excited. I love national parks, so I think this will be a lot of fun.

Marni:  Have you been to the Grand Canyon before?

Devan:  I have not. Have you?

Marni:  I have, but honestly it’s one of the only national parks that I’ve been to. So I really am excited to make more of an effort to go visit some of the other national parks.

Devan:  What is it that you like about going to national parks? Is it being off the grid for a day or a few days?

Marni:  Well, I really like the idea of national parks. I love that we have all this land set aside to be permanent parks, and the idea of conservation, that this will always be a wilderness area, or whatever it is, per se. I’m going to go to Yosemite for the first time and I’m really excited to see… there are just so many things that are synonymous with the country that people talk about that I’ve never seen.

Devan:  I think there’s a lot of great wildlife there, too, which would be really neat to see.

Marni:  Absolutely. Yeah, and a lot of people use it for recreation, and a lot of people like to go mountain climbing and things like that, which is not me, but I really like to go to appreciate the wonder and the beauty of it.

Devan:  Well, I will send you a postcard from my trip.

Marni:  Excellent. I will look forward to that.


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Devan is going on a vacation with her family to visit the Grand Canyon, a famous national park in the US. She’s excited for the trip, and Marni thinks it’s a great idea, too. She loves national parks, though she hasn’t been to many of them.

There’s a lot that Marni loves about national parks. She likes that they represent the US government valuing land conservation. She also thinks that many of the parks are so well known that they’re like symbols of the US, and she’s excited to get to know what those symbols are like in person.

From wildlife to recreation, it’s clear that both Marni and Devan think that national parks are great.

Does your country have national parks, or some other program for setting land aside for conservation? Do you like to visit these parks? What’s your favorite national park, or similar wildlife area, in your country?



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United States

Overnight at Godspeed :)

06:53 PM Aug 16 2013 |



United States


God/Allah dose answer our correct prayers


The Blackfeet Tribal Business Council issued a news release Wednesday stating proposed oil and gas leases near Chief Mountain have been canceled. The mountain, located near the Canadian border and on the boundary between the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and Glacier National Park, is considered sacred by many of the Blackfeet people.

Final decision

“The Blackfeet Tribal Business Council has always considered Chief Mountain as one of the most sacred sites on the Blackfeet Reservation,” the news release states. “This area was for spiritual use of the Blackfeet people only. This protection continues to this day and nothing has or will disturb this area, including any oil and gas development.”


06:52 PM Aug 16 2013 |



United States


11:14 AM Aug 14 2013 |



United States

I just found out in Montana usa , in Glacier National Park they plan on drilling for oil where the Blackfeet Indain Resavition borders the park.  It is sad that greed is overstepping there own desgatied boundreys they are suposed to preserve. 

This will have sad consaquence a and since all National Parks in USA are mostly aboundent of natural resorces, where will the Federal Govrment draw the line.  they wont and it wont belong before other protected lands. will be exployted. The Fedral goverment is violating there very own laws.  It’s pur hypocracy==antisocialest

11:13 AM Aug 14 2013 |



i don’t go to much national parks , i just went to animal parks see many wild animals they are lions tigers snakes and so on . i think our nation should also protect the wildlife more.

05:47 AM Aug 14 2013 |




Visiting national parks is super cool. It’s been a long time I don’t do that. Close to my hometown there are some beatifull ´parks. Good idea, I do recomend for everybody to have a good time on whatever the park.

04:07 PM Aug 13 2013 |




In my country there are several National Parks, particularly in Neuquen ’s province. Walt Disney travelled to this province in 1941 ,it is there that he found inspiration to film the acclaimed animated film Bambi

09:43 PM Aug 12 2013 |


Dominican Republic

i live in the country side. i have always experienced being off the grid, in fact, we had a blackout last night

01:41 PM Aug 12 2013 |



United States


You and Tunisia and all Muslims countries which are in troubles have my prayers.


01:00 PM Aug 12 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

In DRC , Africa we’ve got lot of parks like UVIRA in Democratic Republic of Congo, but I’ve never been there !!! I really enjoy the lesson, English baby is the best in the world. I’m grateful towards it !!!

12:57 PM Aug 12 2013 |

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I like the lesson, here in Tunisia we have ‘Chaanbi’ mountain in Kasserine it is for climbing, hiking and mountaineering. it’s elevation 1544m, and the best months to climb are:March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October. However today this mountain is not as usal. it is full of terrorists . They set a fire in its woods. Really it is painful when i see the highest mountain occur in it like that. Our policeman try their best all days also Tunisian national Army, they enthrall some of them. I wish that those terrorists will be catched. Don’t forget to pray for Tunisia and all Muslims countries which are in troubles.

12:09 PM Aug 12 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i live in Iran(lordegan),i live in the mountain city. mountain-climbing near rivers is habit of the our men and woman.
my country has different park that include forests, deserts, and wide open fields,mountain,many river and waterfall.

11:18 AM Aug 12 2013 |



United States




Well said, it reminds me of the song Yellow Taxi,(link above) We don’t know what we got till its gone : fruit of the parking lot.

Where I live on the Flathead Indian reservation, all my surroundings , the trees have been clear-cut, (there’s a movie about it, called Clearcut) . Yes its sad but true how the human race has become comfortable with modern things that pollute the air from the factories there made. And how many Americans waist, and our dumps are full of things another deprived man may treasure.

Almost all products in stores that are not up to date are destroyed, furniture, clothing, shoes, you name it.

All so the poor cant get to them in donations or in there own garbage containers whitch are locked and fenced in.

Imagine a 1000 dollar brand new couch (never been used ) all sliced up and destroyed just to ensure the rich buy the new expensive furniture. It’ sad and in America we are born into this wait full way of thinking.

It has always been an issue with me because I do not condone being wistful.

The increase of popular demand being made in factories are a major cause of our environmental hazards.

At the moment we can do our best to not be part of the problem and conserve, recycle, and not buy unnecessary things we can live without.

When I lived in the state of Oregon ( the number one state for timber) we have issues where they replace the cut trees with a highbred that is not compatible with the natural environment, and fires come and they burn as fast as they were meant to grow. Then most of all many shade coves and old growth were cut that caused much environmental damage. The rivers and creeks are all polluted. Now we have reserved areas to protect and National. parks.

Yet like Yellowstone Nat. Park , many of the trees burned , the wolves were removed and replaced, now the wolves are use to humans and there they are being hunted down and killed because they are a threat to cattle farmers.

In my eyes the last straw that broke the camels back is about to land.

11:06 AM Aug 12 2013 |

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it seems National parks are  a contradiction of human being..they want to live in comfort,with high technology .they want to have everything,therefore they ruin nature and they built high buildings,skyscrapers,alot of chemical and industrial fabrics,concrete roads,...then they miss living wildlife,green fields,nature beauties..they run into lakes,seas,rivers,mountains for taking breath ..

maybe National parks are a confess for human being..they burned forests for building new hotels,houses..they hunted animals mercilessly for centuries..they made seas,lakes,rivers dirty ..at last, all kinds of trees and animals living in nature decreased..

after all,ı hope human being can save this blue earth ..we need more national parks everywhere..coz people are not a machine,a robot,a mechanical part.

10:09 AM Aug 12 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

will, i guess we have one in my city.. i live in an Oasis called AL Ain .. and we have spring of hot water comes from the ground near the mountain. most of the families spent their time there. The goverment conservate this area.

04:41 AM Aug 12 2013 |




I love to go see the natural program and I agree that natural landsites are more interesting than artificial rebuilt area.

You know,the world is like crazy runnning faster and faster without a break.We should have some recreation or preserved parks within reach for a calm down.

I just read the book <The Great Gatsby>.I bet that it is super hard to remember that one should keep some faith and principle in heart though you are in a play world.

04:27 AM Aug 12 2013 |



parking for all

02:59 AM Aug 12 2013 |



United States

My favorite Nat. Park Is Glacier, and its only a 3 to 4 hour drive.

National parks are awesome and I have been to all but 2 in the lower US 48 states.

The Grand Canyon is special and I have hiked down and across to the other side many times. I took my child to many park and Nat. parks because I wanted to appreciate natures beauty rather then artificial things like carnivals and so on. Great Lesson

Loving life on Flathead Indian Reservation Montana USA

12:19 AM Aug 12 2013 |

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