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Theme Parks
Theme Parks

Learn English with this theme parks English lesson

Date: Sep 20 2013

Themes: Family, Holidays, Travel

Grammar: Adverbs


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What’s the big deal about theme parks? The tickets are overpriced, the lines for everything are long, the souvenirs cost too much, and the food is usually unhealthy. By the end of the day, everyone is tired, sunburned and fighting off a stomachache. And yet, everyone wants to go again. In fact, we can’t get enough of them!

So, why do we love them? It’s not about that one crazy rollercoaster or that one huge ice cream cone, it’s about the feeling we take home with us. It’s all about the big picture, all of the pieces of the day put together. These are the places where families make memories and laugh about those memories for years.

Find out if Mason and Marni think their children should visit a famous theme park in the following English lesson.


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Mason:  Marni, now that you’re a mom, are you thinking ahead for experiences that you want your child to have? Are you going to take your kid to Disneyland?

Marni:  That’s a good question. I have thought about that, actually, somewhat, and I’m terrified of those places. I did grow up going to Disneyworld quite a bit, but I now as an adult look at those long lines and the expense, and I just see the other side of it. And it just seems like a total nightmare.

Mason:  Now that you mention it, the waiting in line… what kid is going to put up with that?

Marni:  There’s something to be said for those places. They’re obviously a lot of fun. You make memories. I just now look at it as the tickets are incredibly expensive, the souvenirs are overpriced and junky.

Mason:  There are so many little theme parks.

Marni:  True.

Mason:  We have a couple in our area, so I can only assume that every area has some weird, little, old-school theme park that, honestly, as I’ve gotten older, they have a lot more charm to me.

Marni:  I see what you’re saying. I kind of agree that those places have a little more charm to them. But to kids, they look at the big picture, and they see Disneyland as the end all be all. So, we’ll have to see!


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Mason is interested to know if Marni plans on taking her child to a popular theme park. It’s almost expected that all parents will take their children to Disneyland, for example. But even though Marni grew up going to a similar park in Florida, she has different feelings about it as an adult. To Marni, theme parks are simply too expensive and not worth the time and money.

Still, Marni understands that going to a place like Disneyland is really important to a lot of kids. Mason points out that there are plenty of smaller, less famous but just as fun theme parks close to where he lives, so maybe Marni could go to one of those. She likes the idea, but she isn’t so sure that it will be a hit with her family.

Have you ever been to a popular theme park? Where did you go, and what was it like? Is it important that all kids have that experience?



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Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

In my country, especially in my town we do have a park but I’ve ever visited it. Sometimes I see on TV screen  but don’t have time to visit there. But in my childhood I’d not been interested in visiting places. But maybe I’m still young, I’ll get that opportunity to visit a nice place like disneyland.

02:06 PM Sep 20 2013 |

Ya Nina


There are a lot of theme parks in our town. Certainly, they aren’t as big and fantastic as Disneyland, but we like them. 

I suppose that theme parks give us, adults, possibility to back to childhood, when everything everywhere seems so magnificent and magic! So, I’m sure that every child and his parents have to possibility to feel such emotion and have been in such fairy tale. Our theme parks don’t give us such entertainments as, for example, Disneyland, but I assume that even simple merry-go-rounds give us much fun, emotions and memories.

Besides, I’m sure when those emotions children feel together with their parents, these emotions become more worth and more memorable.

10:47 AM Sep 20 2013 |

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South Korea

Whenever I visit Korea, I often go to the Everland with my children, which is the world best theme park constructed by Samsung in Yongin city. It was great experiences for my sons. They prefer to ride on a rollercoster. I heard this amusement train runs 200 km/hours maximum speed. Affter I tried this, I gave up to ride it again. As you know, theme park is very expensive, but if you use credit cards discount promotion, you can save your cost. If you want to make a small miracle for your children, let them get a good memory in theme parks. 

02:37 AM Sep 20 2013 |

1 person likes this

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