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Career Change
Career Change

Learn English with this career change English lesson

Date: Dec 05 2018

Themes: Time, Work

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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As an adult, you spend most of your time at work. But what if you’re watching the clock everyday, waiting until it’s time to go home?

Lack of inspiration, low motivation, and just plain boredom at your job may be signs that you’ve burned out. Of course, everybody has days when they just don’t want to go to work. However, if days turn into weeks, months, and years, it might be time to think about a career change.

Sometimes, taking time off is a good short-term option. Travel somewhere new and exciting. Long-term, you could also ask for more responsibility at the office. Having a harder job might give you a new challenge to overcome. Otherwise, update your resume and look at job advertisements. Hopefully, you’ll be able to interview for a job you’ll love.

Learn who is unhappy with her job in this English lesson.


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Jeff:  I get off work every day, and I’m so thankful that I love my job as much as I do. And I know not everyone feels that way.

Lily:  I am so burned out right now. I’ve been working the same job for so long, and I feel like I’m about to go off the deep end. The littlest task just makes me want to go crazy! I’m feeling really worn out right now.

Jeff:  You don’t look at anything in your job as a challenge to overcome, or…?

Lily:  Jeff, I work in data entry.

Jeff:  I feel like I’ve heard this before.

Lily:  It’s hard to be inspired and to feel motivated when you’re doing the same thing over and over again for eight hours a day. I’m going to strive to be more like you where I actually love my job and am proud of what I’m doing and feel like I’m making a dent in my life.

Jeff:  Yeah, I used to have jobs like that. No light at the end of the tunnel. It just keeps going.

Lily:  Well, I’ve been looking online, and I have a couple of leads on some new jobs. I’m just going to covertly interview for new things until I can find something I like.

Jeff:  You should do that, and if a position opens up where I work, I’ll let you know.

Lily:  Cool. Thank you very much.


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Jeff tells Lily how much he loves his job, but she doesn’t feel the same way. Her days at work are long and boring. She’s totally burned out. If she stays at the company much longer, she thinks she’ll go crazy!

Since Lily doesn’t have anything exciting at work that she can look forward to, she wants to find a new job. She’s been looking at ads online and hopes to secretly interview with a new company. Jeff understands what it feels like to have a job that’s too easy. He wants Lily to have a challenge to overcome, and he says he’ll even tell her if a position opens at his office.

Have you ever felt burned out at work? What did you do about it? When do you think it’s time for a career change?



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There is no doubt that to get sick of your job a few times during 1 year working in one company. I don’t know about u but i was. Caring out same things, being with similar people, dealing with same problems and duties make me bored sth and fed up, too. Otherwise, the worst thing is to be unpleasant of your position or also have difficulties with your collaborates or even with your boss. oh oh.

If someday i find myself in this condition i really would like to get out of there as soon as possible even payment was so much. Maybe trying to change my working place is the best and the easiest choice what i can opt. It depends on expert, experience and resume of that person, i suppose. I guess if someone is very talented on his/her field he/she can find a lot of better options, also. 

In my view changing must be the last choice if i’m really delight of my work. However, if everything about my career is so so, boss, distance, work hours, wroking place and its circumstance, collaborates and so on, it’s better to me to change my work place and find the best occupation to myself. 

11:47 AM Dec 13 2013 |




I can perfectly relate to what  Lily`s  feeling right now . I used to have for many years a white-collar job  or office work  if you will , it was so boring , I was almost invisible in that  cubicle , i was totally burned out for the  lack of motivation, promotion  and the thought that It was  going to be the rest of my life  like this  . But one day i decided to turn my life around ,   after  office hours  I started  taking up courses  on  gas and plumbing  installations., in a year or so I quitted my office work  and  became self-employed  as a plumber and gas-pipe fitter.This is one of  the best things that ever happened  in my life. I don´t have a boss looking over me , i run my own schedules , i take vacation whenever i want , no clock to punch in and out…..  wrapping up,the breakthrough that i needed in my life.

10:50 AM Dec 13 2013 |




It’s really not easy to find a suitable job yourself. Only 6% of Chinese employees said they are “engaged”in their jobs,according to a global Gallup survey released this month.

In my last job,I often felt burned out. As I did the paper job like Lily,nothing I could do except entering the data files in the computer. To make myself released after work,I will hang out with my friends,or play some exercises. In these ways,at least I feel much better than I am at work…

In my point of view,if you don’t like the job you are doing,or you can’t find a good way to get promotion to prove yourself, then you need to think about changing a new job. There is no reasons you spend the precious time on the job career you don’t like to do.  Never do that…

06:22 AM Dec 13 2013 |




I have felt burned out at work,but only for a short period of time.I think I am a lucky dog doing my favorite thing&earning a okay salary.Plus,I try to inspire myself and motivate myself at all times.I want to lead the pack,I want to stand out in this retail industry,so I always find challenge to overcome and rarely go off the deep end.

After long-term off job,I had gone through three rounds of covertly interviews and I got the leads of Lane Crawford.I am happy to be in in Jan 2014.I know I will be back on track of my life.I am excited.

03:02 AM Dec 13 2013 |




Yeah,I have a long time felt very anxiety about my work,Sometimes it like you can’t stay at office even longer than one minute.You are out of control and easy to get angery.That’s very bad.For me ,just give more time for myself you know have fun with friends then go hiking take more fresh air as i can,Acturally Change a new job is the best solution.But maybe it’s not the good time for a change.As we all know it’s hard to find a new job at the end of years.Everyone wants to get this annual bonus or other benifits .However ,Opportunity is important. 

02:24 AM Dec 13 2013 |




     If i felt burned out at work,maybe i will try another one. I can tell superviser i want a position transfer,or i leave for another company.

     But before i leave,i will ask myself:Do you really feel boring about your work? Do you have enough ability and knowledge to satisfy the needs of another work? Do you have a suitable age to go to another company?(If a lady is at a age to get marry and have a baby,maybe not a good age to change work).If i am not sure,then i stay for another 1 or 2 years,first i can adjust myself.May be i feel the job is just ok. Or I can prepare for another job. Or past the not-so-good age. Then proceed next step.

    But in fact,i think my work is ok.Not because i am a boring girl i don’t want to find fun.It is just because for myself job is just a very tiny part in my life.It is just a method to earn money to support my life.After work is my life.I have many hobbies.I enjoy them.

    So don’t put you all on your work.After work is your really life.^^


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