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Learn English with this gratitude English lesson

Date: Feb 14 2020

Themes: Friend, Health, How To

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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Did you know there’s one trick that can make you happier almost instantly? It’s called gratitude, and it’s pretty simple: just start saying thank you.

Being thankful for the things you have, the people in your life, and even the food you eat and the clothes you wear, can give you a more positive outlook on life. You don’t have to have the most money or the nicest possessions to be happy. You only need to appreciate what you already have.

An easy way to practice gratitude is by making an on-going list of things you’re thankful for. Some people use a special book, a gratitude journal, to keep a running tally of the blessings in their lives. If you don’t want to write it down, try to take a few minutes every day to think about the good things you have experienced that day. Even if you’re dealing with a difficult situation, focusing on the positives will help you improve your attitude.

Learn who needs an attitude adjustment in this English lesson about being thankful.


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Jeff:  Hey.

Rafael:  Hey. What’s up?

Jeff:  What’s the deal? You look pretty unhappy.

Rafael:  Ever since it started getting dark, I’ve been feeling a little bit sad.

Jeff:  You know, I used to get like that a lot, too, but then I started keeping a gratitude journal.

Rafael:  A gratitude journal?

Jeff:  Yeah. Have you noticed how I’m so perky all the time? This really helped.

Rafael:  Well, some days you’re perkier than others, but that’s true. You are really perky.

Jeff:  Compared to you, everyone is perky. Let me fill you in. Basically, each day you have to take a step back. Maybe things are getting you down, but you have to pause. And it’s as simple as counting your blessings, whether that means keeping track of them, keeping a running tally. Take a time out. Do that. That’s a start.

Rafael:  Well, that sounds great. But it kind of reminds me of my parents telling me to get an attitude adjustment.

Jeff:  Oh, I hate that one. I got that a lot when I was younger.

Rafael:  So, this gratitude journal really works for you?

Jeff:  Well yeah, but it takes some practice. You have to be consistent. It’s not always smooth sailing. When times are tough, just keep going. It’s a daily practice, I tell you, and it’s helped me beyond what I ever dreamed.

Rafael:  How long have you been keeping a gratitude journal, Jeff?

Jeff:  For the last 35 years.


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Rafael isn’t feeling very well. He’s been kind of sad since it started getting dark, and he doesn’t seem happy at all. Jeff notices his friend’s negative feelings and suggests that Rafael try keeping a gratitude journal.

For Jeff, writing down all the good things in his life has had a major impact on his attitude. He’s been practicing the habit of gratitude for 35 years, and it seems like it’s worked! Now he’s perky all the time! Rafael has definitely noticed Jeff’s positive attitude, and he sounds curious about keeping a gratitude journal.

Do you think Rafael will start writing down his blessings? Do you keep a gratitude journal?



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I think everyone should be thank for natual give us  for everything,like food, water,vegetables everyday.so ,why not ?we getting  alot thing make life better.

12:05 PM Jan 08 2014 |




sometimes i wanted to write my blessings on gratitude journal but i didnt try that .maybe after i read this lesson im starting to write blessing.

and about Gratitude it show our behavior and respect to eachother.

11:17 AM Jan 08 2014 |




I’m glad to have so many friends here. at the same time learn English and know about another culture. Such a beautiful people is in here!

03:26 AM Jan 08 2014 |



     To start writing down all your blessings could be pretty amazing, specially when you realized you have a big list of things to be gratefull for, so i do believe that Rafael will take the adviced her friend gave him i will start keeping a gratitude journal. 

02:25 AM Jan 08 2014 |

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