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Learn English with this fasting English lesson

Date: Sep 11 2018

Themes: Alternative, Food, How To

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Fasting is a common practice around the world. In many countries, people fast for religious reasons at certain times of the year. Fasting is used by some who believe that it improves their health. Doctors sometimes ask patients to fast before a medical procedure. And fasting might be used by people wanting to make a political statement.

Those people who fast for their health do it because they want to cleanse their bodies of toxins. They believe one can flush his or her system by only drinking fluids. It’s not uncommon for people who are fasting to feel light-headed, but it doesn’t last forever. And after they’re done, they say they feel fantastic!

Jessica and Marni are discussing fasting. Are they going to give it a try? Find out in today’s English lesson about not eating.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  I just ate five pieces of pizza. My gut hurts.

Jessica:  Oh my gosh. I think I want to start from scratch and cleanse my entire system by doing a fast. Have you ever fasted?

Marni:  No. Oh my gosh. That seems so impossible.

Jessica:  I know. I’m a little nervous about getting light-headed. I have a lot of work going on this coming week. But I think if I flush my entire system and I get all those toxins out, I think I’ll feel much better afterwards.

Marni:  Wow. That sounds amazing, but I don’t think I could ever do it. I like to eat. Not having food, how do you survive?

Jessica:  I know. You can do it in a healthy way. You can do it with juicing and still consuming foods. But lots of tea, and clear liquids, broth…

Marni:  Huh.

Jessica:  I know. It doesn’t sound fun, but I think it’s going to make me feel much better. I’ll feel healthier.

Marni:  Well, you let me know.

Jessica:  I will.


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Jessica is going to try fasting. She wants to clean her body from the inside out, so she’s not going to eat, and she’s only going to drink liquids. Jessica’s a little nervous about feeling bad while she’s fasting, but she believes she’ll feel better overall once she’s finished.

Marni, on the other hand, just ate five pieces of pizza! Fasting sounds horrible to her. Marni worries that she would not be able to survive if she fasted. She’s curious to hear about Jessica’s experience when it’s over, but Marni’s definitely not interested in joining Jessica.

Have you ever fasted? Why did you do it? How did it make you feel?



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I’m muslim and in my religion u should fast one a year.I FAST EVERY YEAR APPROXIMATELY 1 week.in Islam u should do it cuz u have to understand others,how they live,how hungry they can be.I respect it in my religion too.I can say that u fell urself too easy and relaxed,u think that u r too light as a bird .there is one problem,and it is about smell in ur mouth,and u can correct it with reansing with only water,but u should’t drink it, DOctors say that it is very usefull for health,and ur body cleans from toxins :) I advise to do it to everybody one a year :) u ll see changes in ur body.Good luck :)

07:38 PM Apr 25 2014 |



yesss  shsima

when I had a project in tajikistan during Ramadan, I lived with a muslim family in their home. They started their day at 3.3o am with breakfast, than went to bed again and at 8 am, they started work. during a day – temperatures increased up to 45 degrees – they just took a bit water into their mouth, but didn t drink it.

at after sunset…....at 8.30 pm , they could have dinner. really, I admired those ppl.

here in Europe, Christians aren t able to celebrate fasting for 6 weeks, but… it s not that strong. Christians are allowed to have food, just reduced quantity. But…..most of them they are lazy…..... and and don t want to do that.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Where I live is so hot and it can get more than 55 ,however at Ramezan month I see people who don’t eat and drink for more than 14 hours of a day during one month constantely !!!

01:21 PM Apr 25 2014 |

ana karnia

ana karnia

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes I fasted several times.I fasted because I’m Muslim.we fast for one month and we don’t drink or eat anything for several hours.some days I feel dizzy but during and after this month I feel that I become lighter.

12:50 PM Apr 25 2014 |




I tried fasting years ago for several days in ramadhan month eventhough i don’t celebrate it. Simply just because i was curious how it felt when i saw many of my friends doing it. First day was tough and I spent most of my time sleeping and watching movie, hoping that the time would pass quickly Lol. The first 1 week is usually a holiday in here, during ramadhan fasting month. The foods we had after fasting were always taste delicious whatever it were. so I think it taught us to be more grateful towards foods and water.

12:50 PM Apr 25 2014 |



I eat less meat in past three month,I feel good

11:38 AM Apr 25 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I fasted several times so far, at the first times it was just too hard that i stoped it at the middle of the day,but now it’s getting easier and i don’t experience so much hardship and after all i have to say that fasting in islam is not just not to eat and drink anything for a few hours, fasting means don’t say or do anything to annoy other people even alittle.

11:25 AM Apr 25 2014 |



I never try fasting, I just eat less to recover from gut hurting..

10:46 AM Apr 25 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi friends

I’m Muslim , and we fast a month every year. 

08:45 AM Apr 25 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Oh man ! One day I tried  to fast for no reason, let me assure you that I was about to die, I felt light-headed, I lacked all my strength and… I swore that I’ll never fast as long as I live.

I love eating !!!

08:34 AM Apr 25 2014 |




I havn’t tried that before…..:))

08:31 AM Apr 25 2014 |

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We are  muslims , we must fasting month of ramadan .

It’s a great feeling ….!!

god gives you the strength and patience to endure it ,really a wonderful thing




In addition of training of your willpower, fasting also has got a positive psychological effect on our lives. Since everything is more or less effects one or the other,  what we eat is actually what we are. If we eat too much meat and every day and three times a day, we feel heavy after, not healthy, we want to lie down and rest.like, for a number of hours doing nothing, thinking about nothing and getting to nothing :), but if we just cut down on consuming meat and heavy meals or just pick a day of going without food just drinking water, let’s see what happens with our thinking. You know, it’s just my theory, and, for sure, I’m going to implement it into practice.

If we go to our nature as a wise life lessons role model, It will tell us about the life of caterpillar who is very very hungry. It munches, munches and munches until it become a moth! Moth’s life is so short – two weeks and it’s gone. And this little moth, looks like, knows a thing or two. It doesn’t eat at all! Just lives off its caterpillar body supplies. Why it doesn’t eat, it doean’t have time for it! It’s very much occupied with the continuing of its species. Kinda food for thought, isn’t it! ;) But don’t take it literallly! If too much munching combine with not eating at all, we’ll get the meaning moderate.

The bottom line for me here is not to starve, but to eat, eat wise, enjoying the food without binging. Just blend yourself with  nature which is lots of veggies, fruits and roots :)

01:30 AM Apr 25 2014 |




For me, the benefit of “controlled” and “responsible” Fasting has given me an inner strength of will or willpower that I never knew that I had possessed before. Also, with the gross obesity that is killing so many of us, it would seem that all of us could do with a little Fast every once in a while.

12:34 AM Apr 25 2014 |

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