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Hair Care
Hair Care

Learn English with this hair care English lesson

Date: Jul 17 2018

Themes: Health

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Five minutes? Ten? One hour?

Generally, men need less time than women. Not because men are not put together, but because most men have short hair. Women with long hair will agree that taking care of yourself (or your hair) can be a lot of work!

Whether you roll out of bed and head out the door or you spend hours making your hair less frizzy, hair care is a daily chore. What shampoo do you use? What kind of hair dryer? Do you diffuse your hair? Should you?

Lily and Jessica are discussing the basics of hair care. Read on to find out who’s a slob and who’s not in today’s English lesson about hair.


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Jessica:  It took me forever to get ready today. It took me so long!

Lily:  Really? So what do you… Wait, you don’t just shower and roll out of bed and go?

Jessica:  No. I have curly hair, and it looks very frizzy if I don’t shower and then diffuse it. I have to brush it and use a hair dryer. It’s a little ridiculous.

Lily:  Jessica, that is so much work.

Jessica:  I know, but at least I’m put together. And I don’t know, I take pride in my appearance.

Lily:  OK. Well, I guess you think I’m a slob then because I don’t really do anything like that. The only thing I do is brush my teeth. I don’t even brush my hair.

Jessica:  But you don’t smell.

Lily:  That’s true. I don’t.

Jessica:  You take care of yourself.

Lily:  I try, but I don’t do as much as you do.

Jessica:  Well, that’s OK. You look put together. You look great.

Lily:  So do you.

Jessica:  Thank you. I work very hard to look this way.


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Jessica and Lily have very different hair care styles. Jessica tells Lily that it took her a long time to get ready this morning. Lily sounds confused. She wonders why Jessica needs so much time.

Jessica tells Lily that she has to dry her hair, then diffuse it. She has curly, frizzy hair, and it doesn’t look good when it’s wet.

Lily, on the other hand, thinks Jessica’s routine is a little ridiculous. Lily doesn’t spend much time on her hair. Her normal method is to just roll out of bed and head out the door. It’s obviously much more important to Jessica to look put together. For Lily, the easier the better.

Do you think that Lily is a slob, or does Jessica spend too much time getting ready? What does your hair care involve?



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sweetsummerSuper Member!


This is an old lesson too. Why? I’m not paying for old lessons 

01:58 AM Jul 18 2018 |



No. I don’t think Lily is a slob. I like her style.  The easier the better.

   It  is just the difference of living habits and customs  between Lily and Jessica. Some ones like simple life and others like go through channels. Some ones pursuit beauty and then willingly spend time and money on it.  Others don’t. 

   My life likes Lily’s.

   But I know some ones like Jessica who spend long time on delicate makeup every day . It seems that it couldn’t go out without fine makeup.  I understand that just as you won’t get into the next unless finishing what are doing especially what you love doing. 

05:38 AM Jul 17 2018 |



Well I think Lily is not a slob, It’s just that she doesn’t need to spend as much time as Jessica because she doesn’t have curly hair. Curly hair requires special treatment and that means more time. It’s good lo look put together even though sometimes it might take more time than you expect.

My type of hair is wavy, so I need little time to diffuse it. It’s easy to put together,I really like it.

03:23 AM Jul 26 2015 |



United States


02:42 AM Sep 04 2014 |



It always take me lots of time to roll out of bed. BUt how much time I need to get ready depends on the occasion. Jess was right. TO be put together really gives u much more confident

02:52 AM Jul 30 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 Dont be slob from roll out of the bed till go to bed Care about your hair because beautiful hair is 50% of beauty.

09:57 AM Jul 25 2014 |




Lily and I are on the same page. Of course she is not a slob and even better she looks great. Beleive it or not the last time i used a hairbrusher came back when i was 16 years old and now, i’m 27. Only thing what I do in the morning is to change my clothes and rool out of my bed. Indeed, I take pride in my appearance.

09:27 PM Jul 13 2014 |

1 person likes this


United Kingdom

Great vocab, thanks for sharing this lesson! I guess I am a bit too lazy to do my hair in th emorning on weekdays…

07:59 AM Jul 09 2014 |



Russian Federation

Maybe  I’m a slob cause I never  get up earlier every morning  to diffuse my hair :) All I do is  just brush them up and fix then  with a  clasp pin or with a band.Really, it takes less time for me  than to put  on some make up on my face :) But it doesn’t mean, that I neglect my hair care, it’s  not so !  To be honest,  my curls are what I’m proud of :)

06:50 AM Jul 09 2014 |




I understand Jessica’s situation, but she should use some chemical products on her hair, for example, like Brazilian Blowout; that would make her hair less curly, less frizzy , messy and she wouldnt have to spend so much time doing her hair at morning.

07:47 PM Jul 08 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Tip : If you really want to save some time, pick out an outfit the night before. This helps you get ready even quicker in the morning! :-)

11:05 AM Jul 08 2014 |


Costa Rica

I cannot say if Lily is a slob or not, it will depend in how much she has to do to look put toguether. I have friends who don’t spend much time getting ready and they look great becuase of the kind of hear they have or something like that. But I also have friends who spend a lot of time because they have curlie hair, have to use special creams, etc. So it depends in how much care you have to take in order to look well.

In my case, I don’t spend much time getting ready. Since I have short hair, I just apply gel to my hair and give it a nice style jeje!

11:48 PM Jul 07 2014 |



It is useless to take care of my hair at all. It is so… soft and straight. It is no use diffusing or arranging my hair… But on the other hand I don’t have to spend a lot of time to get ready in the morning :-)

07:23 PM Jul 07 2014 |




I think Lily is a slob, She should wasch her face, brush her hair and teeth. That is the basic in my point of view. Jessica is right in taking care of her appereance. As man for me is very easy take care of my hair, after shower I just brush it, as simple as that…...But my wife is like Jessica. She spent a lot of time on her hair….

04:24 PM Jul 07 2014 |




I have hair is straight and i always will be brush their hair, but I prefer curly hair.

03:46 PM Jul 07 2014 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have curly hair too.but I don’t use hair dryer.im happy with my hair!and everybody likes it too!

12:13 PM Jul 07 2014 |

2 people like this



I just want my hair always look wet , it is confidently attractive ….

11:34 AM Jul 07 2014 |

1 person likes this



I need like 10 minutes to get ready and leave the house.

10:22 AM Jul 07 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

When I immediately roll out of bed, the first thing to do is to brush my her, I’m put together.

08:34 AM Jul 07 2014 |




Oh,For convenience,I had my hair cut,But the turth is i have to spend much time to take care of my hair ….

07:15 AM Jul 07 2014 |

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