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Being Vegan
Being Vegan

Learn English with this diet English lesson

Date: Jul 27 2018

Themes: Food, Health

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Look no further than a restaurant menu to understand how many dietary restrictions people can have. Some need low salt or low fat, others want food that’s healthy for their hearts. Some have meatless diets, and some prefer not to eat any animal products at all. It’s amazing that restaurants are able to please as many people as they do!

If you are a vegan, you choose to not consume or buy any animal products. This means no meat, of course, but it also means no dairy (eggs, milk, butter, and cheese), and no honey. Vegans also choose to not buy clothing made from animal fur or skin, so leather jackets, belts, and shoes are not OK.

Some people go vegan to take a stand for the rights of animals, and some people do it because they believe that eating vegan is healthier. Jessica wants to learn more from Gary about what eating vegan means. If you do, too, read more in today’s English lesson!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  So, Gary.

Gary:  Yeah.

Jessica:  I have a lot of dietary restrictions, and someone mentioned that maybe I should go vegan.

Gary:  That’s a really good idea.

Jessica:  I know that you are, well…

Gary:  So, I’m mostly vegan.

Jessica:  OK.

Gary:  I don’t eat meat.

Jessica:  OK.

Gary:  I take a stand on it for personal reasons.

Jessica:  Mm-hm.

Gary:  I want to live a healthier life, so I choose foods in a different way. I know some people who have a philosophical reason for going vegan or vegetarian.

Jessica:  Sure.

Gary:  And they don’t consume or purchase animal products. And that’s actually a big confusion.

Jessica:  Yeah.

Gary:  So, if you are living a vegan lifestyle, you actually don’t eat meat, and you don’t buy animal products.

Jessica:  So, vegetarianism is when you go meatless.

Gary:  Yep.

Jessica:  Oh, OK.

Gary:  And if you’re going vegan, then there’s absolutely no animal product whatsoever.

Jessica:  Oh, I see. So no eggs.

Gary:  No honey.

Jessica:  Wow.

Gary:  There’s a lot of food around the world that has no meat in it.

Jessica:  Maybe you can show me how to become a vegetarian.

Gary:  Let’s go to the library and check out some books.

Jessica:  Sounds great.


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What’s the difference between eating vegan and eating vegetarian? Jessica wants to know, and she’s sure that Gary can explain it to her. Gary eats mostly vegan food, so he understands the topic and can give Jessica details about what that means.

Gary shares that while both vegans and vegetarians have meatless diets, vegans will not eat or buy animal products at all. This means that foods such as eggs and honey are not OK, because eggs come from chickens and honey is made by bees. This is helpful to know because Jessica wants to learn what her options are, and knowing both definitions will help her understand how to choose what to cook.

Do you eat vegan or vegetarian? Do you have friends or family who do? What do you think of this diet?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like to be vagetarian in fact i dont like meat but i am not sure about variety of foods for vagetarian  can i prepare all the vitamin and nutrient by using vagetabless?

06:14 AM Jul 28 2014 |




Actually,i like to be a vegetarian,to be a vegan which is too strict,i am not sure to behave like that is healthy for body.If i decide to become vegan i would consult doctor in more detail

02:33 AM Jul 28 2014 |




The ramadan finished yesterday??

None of my family members or friends do this…  I can’t stand stop eating meats or eggs…

Being a Vegan/vegatarian is respectable. You need a big brave heart to make that decision and keep doing day by day.  Hope Jess can make it…:DD

02:10 AM Jul 28 2014 |




I think I’d be ok being vegetarian… I mean, it’d take some time for me to get used to this lifestyle, but being vegan is insane! Not even eggs? Then you can’t eat cakes, drink smoothies, eat cookies… It seems that you can’t eat anything, OMG! That’s definitely not for me!

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