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play around

play around

Date: Apr 04 2019

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“When we were shooting, we definitely played around with that. Mikey is girl-crazy!”

Actress Megan Fox, talking about filming the movie Teenage Mutant Nijna Turtles


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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have fun; mess around with; enjoy interacting with

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Children, adults, and animals around the world love to play. When we’re not working or sleeping, we’re probably doing something that we enjoy. Playing is a way to relax, to have fun, and to forget about things that are difficult or stressful.

Playing around is a kind of playing. When somebody is playing around, he is joking or having fun with someone else. A little girl who starts putting on her mother’s makeup will probably say she is just playing around. And a boy who is wrestling with his friends is also playing around. Sometimes it’s OK to play around, but if it goes too far, somebody might get hurt.

Actress Megan Fox said she and other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cast members had fun playing around on the movie set. They pretended that the turtle Michelangelo was girl-crazy, so they made a lot of jokes about that.

When (and with whom) do you like to play around? Do you know anyone who has gotten hurt when playing around?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“We went to the park last night to play around with our neighbor’s dog.”

“Tim’s study group plays around a lot when they’re working. It’s amazing they get anything done!”

“Allie’s dad always plays around with her friends. He pretends to be sick or hurt, and her friends believe him!”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

have fun
by Kikyo887
by Mr. Learner
mandana.z i think it means: to behave towards someone as though one were in love but without serious intention.
by mandana.z
rainyman84 it may definite that we definitely had fun when we were shooting.
by rainyman84
to play around means to joke
by Valentina Monaco
have fun
by Kikyo887
Manu4 Making jokes about something, not taking it seriously.
by Manu4
a2020 Enjoyed and played like a child.
by a2020
lamyajaber behaving in a childish way
by lamyajaber

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My nephew is one and a half years old child. Sometimes he is playing around and it takes him to far so he fall and can get hurt. But it’s usual for children :)

03:38 PM May 06 2015 |




Sometimes I like playing around my close friends. Its useful to make us closer each other. 

03:34 PM Aug 31 2014 |




I think the best times of my life were when I played around with my school friends. Our world was very simple, we only played, played and played all day long. : ) 

01:58 PM Aug 29 2014 |

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i fooled with my friend once . she told me to check her result out of 20 in an economic sub , i went to her supervisor , checked hers and messaged her saying “yours is 6\20 , you’re failed nora .. so sorry” . she believed it for the fact that she doesn’t study well like she has to , never does . all she does is just assuring us that helping her in exams is required as FRIENDS . anyways , she replied “shut , forget about it”. an hour later , i texted her by ” just kidding  , you got 12 out of 20 _ ” . said then ” how could you do this to me ? already failed at two extra and you know that , hence just about to b kicked out of this uni!!” . ‘ve explained to her in person the next day that i’ve done it deliberately to her in order to make her less shocked about it . 

07:04 PM Aug 28 2014 |

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don’t be so serious,a sort of play around is OK though the life is full of stress .enjoy ourselves

02:57 PM Aug 28 2014 |


Saudi Arabia


10:54 AM Aug 28 2014 |




i do love playing around with my friends. but at the same time you have to make sure nobody gets hurt by your jokes. everybody has a different personality and you need to consider that aspect as well.

10:34 AM Aug 28 2014 |




Yes me, i get hurt while i was playing around with my friends, they thought that i’m making fun of them or something like that

So no, i don’t like to play around

08:48 AM Aug 28 2014 |

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In the past when I was with my friends all day longs (JOINTED AT THE HIP), PLAYING AROUND was a very good manner to spend our time and HAVE A BALL when we all CARVED OUT OUR TIME and MET UP together by teasing some of them and making INSIDE JOKES. For example (exactly in the same) a few friends were crazy about girls and we as a large group were poking fun on them by using some tricks and untrue news. But we were very careful to don’t hurt their feelings. It was working for some guys and even in some cases it was going very well and I was asking my friends to DIAL IT BACK considering his/her feeling but they were passing by me.  

06:41 AM Aug 28 2014 |




relax ourselves by correct and safe  ways

01:37 AM Aug 28 2014 |

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