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Fast Food
Fast Food

Learn English with this 'fast food' English lesson

Date: Oct 03 2018

Themes: Food, Health

Grammar: Reflexive Pronouns


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Using the drive-thru to buy dinner is the ultimate example of convenience. You drive your car forward, tell the worker what you want, pay some money, and drive away with food. It’s a great quick fix when you don’t have time to cook at home. But is it a good substitute?

If you don’t eat for a long time, you can experience low blood sugar. If that happens, buying fast food is probably a good idea. But most of the time, it’s not the healthiest thing to put into your body. Why do things that taste great have to be bad for us? It’s not fair!

Marni is telling Gary a little secret about fast food. How will he respond? Find out in today’s English lesson about choices.


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Marni:  So, the other day…

Gary:  Yeah?

Marni:  …I found myself somewhere that I don’t find myself very often.

Gary:  Oh?

Marni:  And that’s in a fast food drive-thru.

Gary:  Oh my goodness.

Marni:  I know. It was terrible!

Gary:  You went through the drive-thru, even.

Marni:  I did! The ultimate in convenience.

Gary:  It’s super convenient. They literally hand you the food. It’s so handy.

Marni:  And you just eat it in your car, and it’s the worst, most gluttonous thing. But I was so hungry.

Gary:  Yeah.

Marni:  And I was so busy that day.

Gary:  You needed a quick fix, right?

Marni:  I did. I felt like I was having low blood sugar. And I know it’s a poor substitute for real, good, nutritional, wholesome food, but I did it.

Gary:  So, here’s the funny thing, though… is that fast food restaurants aren’t just for meat stuff. You can actually get vegetarian fast food, vegan fast food…

Marni:  Exactly.

Gary:  It’s fast food because it’s quick. It’s given to you fast.

Marni:  I didn’t do any of that. I went for the burger. But I could have gotten some healthier fast food. And maybe next time I will heed your advice.

Gary:  I might need some, actually, for dinner.


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Marni’s a little embarrassed because she recently bought fast food. She knows the food isn’t very healthy, but she was hungry and feeling a little strange. Marni knew she needed to eat something, so she chose convenience over eating something nutritious, like a salad.

Gary teases her a bit, but he understands that sometimes going to a drive-thru is what people have time for. We can’t always cook for ourselves, so fast food can be a substitute for a meal at home. Gary points out that there are many fast food restaurants today that offer vegetarian food, which might be healthier than a hamburger. Marni says that she may look for it next time.

Do you eat fast food? Can fast food be healthy?



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If you ask my daughter about what she likes most about going to the #1 fast-food chain in town, she’d explain from the top of her head: ” I can highly recommend their fast WiFi” ;)

I, on the other hand, try to discipline myself to stay away from fast-food restaurants. You might have heard of the antidode “slow-food”. When it comes to food I prefer the slow process rather then the hectic, unhealthy kind of way of eating junk food.

05:57 AM Oct 06 2014 |




fast food can never be healthy. the worst thing about fast food is that you get addicted to this and you always a temptation to have fast food whenever you feel hungry or fed up of having food at home for a long time. then , here fast food comes a quick fix.

Recently i noticed fast food restros have started serving healthy food like salad and healthy bread.

personally, i like subway  - healthy fast food

05:21 AM Oct 06 2014 |




Idon’t eat fast food,To be honest ,i am on a diet,fast food,no way.

02:19 AM Oct 06 2014 |




I think fast food has advantages and disadvantages for us. I own quite like the fast food.

12:25 AM Oct 06 2014 |

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