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Learn English with this aquariums English lesson

Date: Dec 05 2014

Themes: Holidays, Travel

Grammar: Prepositions


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Do you ever wonder about all of the animals that live in the big, blue ocean? There’s a whole underwater world that many people never get to see because they don’t live by the ocean or never had the chance to dive into the deep sea. But you can still experience ocean life even if you live in a big city.

Aquariums commonly mean the small glass bowls with goldfish that people have in their homes. But an aquarium is also a place where people can go to look at special fish, and to learn about the plants, rocks, and animals of the ocean.

Marni is excited about taking her family to the aquarium, and Rafael is learning more about the fish there. Read on in today’s English lesson about aquariums.


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Marni:  So, I am taking my whole family to the aquarium this weekend! How fun is that?

Rafael:  Woah. I love dolphins.

Marni:  OK. You know, there’s a lot of sea life represented at aquariums… not just dolphins. But dolphins are wonderful.

Rafael:  Oh, you mean porpoises, too?

Marni:  Porpoises? Yes, you can see all kinds of different aquatic creatures.

Rafael:  Or like tuna?

Marni:  What about the giant things like sharks and whales that you can only really experience up close and personal in aquariums? Because you would never want to experience a shark up close and personal in real life.

Rafael:  But I just like the dolphin shows.

Marni:  Well, there’s more than just the shows. It’s about seeing them. There are habitats, and observing their behaviors. There’s also lots of exotic fish. I just love aquariums. I think they’re so peaceful. Just seeing all these animals swimming around in these giant tanks… it’s fascinating!

Rafael:  How many times do you go?

Marni:  As often as I can, but it’s never enough.

Rafael:  Well, I’d like to go for the first time.

Marni:  I’ll take you!


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Marni really enjoys going to the aquarium. She feels like it’s peaceful, and she loves seeing all of the aquatic life there. She’s excited about taking her family to experience the aquarium.

Rafael has never been to the aquarium, and he’s interested to see dolphins and porpoises. He’d like to join Marni and watch a dolphin show. Marni tells Rafael about the other things to see, like the different ocean habitats.

Have you been to the aquarium? What did you like best? If not, what would you like to see at the aquarium?



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i have never been into aquarium so far but palnning to go next month and would like to see the dolphins and sea creature up close and perosnal. it is gonna be amazing.

12:08 PM Dec 14 2014 |




I saw one in Indonesia this year. Quite interresting thing :)

05:44 AM Dec 07 2014 |



I would want to see underwater world with my naked eyes..to live its excitement,experiment would be wonderful ..it could be dangerous ,ı know but it would worth it..but ı didnt have this chance..

then,I would want to see a huge aquarium, big sea creatures in protected amazing aquarium..to shake them my hands with smiles..but ı didnt see any artificial auqarium too..

and then ı would want to have a small aqurium ,with small,cute fishes and other small sea creatures .ı would donate it with shells,mild,sponge ..but ı didnt have it i my life yet..

05:19 PM Dec 06 2014 |




i have never been to an aquarium before and this question have opened a huge desire to do that i buried long time.

what i want to see if i go ? EVERYTHING….every being that lives in water including mermaides ….:)

11:41 AM Dec 06 2014 |

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I’ve never been to an aquarium before but i wish i could coz its been a dream of mine to discover the deep wide ocean and see the strangr creatures that can not be known 

08:41 AM Dec 06 2014 |

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I live 400 kilometers  away from the closest  ocean ,then if i want to see marine life  i would have to walk two blocks down the street to the nearest fish market, better than nothing ,ehh. Now i am serious again !! I have had the fortune to visit two acuariums, one in Maui, Hawaii and the other in San Diego. Calif.My mind was blown away by the exhibit , sharks ,orcas ,dolphins ,rays  ,innumerables tropical fish, marine turtles . I have seen one of the caretakers swiming alongside the shark, of course ,first she is made sure that “jaws” had been abundantly   fed before her jumping  in the tank.  Acuariums hold educational tours for those interested in learning more about  these amazing marine creatures.

11:25 AM Dec 05 2014 |

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