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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Learn English with this Mockingjay English lesson

Date: Dec 12 2014

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture


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The third Hunger Games movie, “Mockingjay,” is finally here. In this adaptation of the book by Suzanne Collins, a scarred Katniss fights for the people she loves. But is the trailer deceiving? Will this movie do the book justice? It’s up to you to find out.

Lily definitely wants to see this film! Learn more in today’s English lesson about a popular book turned movie.


do justice expr.


Example The Broadway version of The Sound of Music didn't do justice to the original movie. Julie Andrews is a legend.

scarred v.


Example Watching our parents fight when we were little really scarred us.

adaptation n.


Example The movie Clueless is actually an modern adaptation of the Jane Austen novel Emma.

trailer n.


Example I watch every trailer so I know what films are coming out.

deceiving v.


Example Carolyn is always deceiving me. Last week she told me that she's married, but she's not!

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Did you read The Hunger Games? Are the movies as good as the books?


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Russian Federation

I haven’t read the books, but saw all the movies screened. Love it. Although i would have made the 3rd part shorter so that to have all in a sole part. It’s an anti utopia and i definitely like everything which bucks the system. The 3rd part depicts the real meaning – we are the part of the system and there is always someone ruling it, by force or pretending being good.

02:16 PM Dec 29 2014 |




no i haven’t read it but would surely read it and share the experience. Thanks

11:35 AM Dec 14 2014 |




I’ve watched two days ago “Mockingjay” and I really enjoyed it! I highly recommend this film. Jennifer is perfect in her character. She is not the typical woman who is saved by a man, she is brave and she encourage people to fight and buck against an evil system which make them slave. I’ll read these books too! 

03:23 AM Dec 14 2014 |




I haven’t read the books but I watched the first movie and I was a bit disappointed. The story has a great base but the writer wanted to write a teen drama which is not my favourite.

05:59 PM Dec 13 2014 |




I’ve never really read any of the books, but I’ve watched all the movies so far. Fortunatelly, I’m just in love with all of them! Katniss carries such a strong personality! She’s kind of a mix between a warm-hearted and a really mature/strict person. I have to say though that, compared to Peeta, she’s the man! lol

I can’t wait to watch this one! :) 

01:11 PM Dec 12 2014 |

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