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Learn English with this Twitter English lesson

Date: Jan 15 2019

Themes: News, Pop Culture, Tech

Grammar: Direct vs. Reported Speech


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There are many ways to get local and world news. Some people read newspapers, watch TV, or listen to the radio. Others use social media like Twitter to keep up-to-date about what’s happening. It may seem hard to believe, but it’s possible to stay well-informed just from reading social media.

Twitter is also a good way to catch up with your favorite musicians or actors. Celebrities often share personal stories with their fans with a simple “tweet.” Some fans are able to have a conversation with a movie star, even if it is only 140 characters long.

Rafael is a fan of Twitter, but Brian thinks it’s a waste of time. Find out more in today’s English lesson about social media.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Rafael:  Social media… Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube.

Brian:  Next you’re going to say Twitter is really good.

Rafael:  How did you know that? You read my mind.

Brian:  Twitter is a waste of time. You literally just type in a hashtag and some saying, and then that becomes popular.

Rafael:  Are you talking about those amateur tweets that are unedited?

Brian:  Yeah. In fact, I’ve never seen a professional tweet.

Rafael:  Here’s what I really like about Twitter. Like you said, you won’t see a professional tweet. But if you don’t read a lot of news sources, you can still be well-informed just by reading Twitter all day.

Brian:  But there’s nothing to verify if it’s true or not. You still have to check it with an actual news source. I just think it’s a waste of time. Why don’t people talk to each other face to face, as opposed to typing in a hashtag?

Rafael:  OK, man, I see your point. But let’s agree to disagree. I’m a Twitter guy. You’re not a Twitter guy.


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Rafael uses Twitter to keep up-to-date with the news. He thinks the social media website is a great way to get information. Even though a lot of the users are amateur, Rafael feels that people can still get news from non-professionals.

Brian has a problem with how unedited Twitter can be. Posts on Twitter don’t need to be verified before they are put on the website. Brian tells Rafael that he doesn’t understand why people use a hashtag instead of going to a real news source.

Do you use Twitter to read about the news? Is Twitter useful to you?



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Nope, I don’t use twitter. I get the news from Facebook and some papers I have apps for. Especially I like the oppinions sections. Different people give their two cents on the news around the world. And our local newspaper gets you up to speed with some celebrities twits. Mostly of them just exchanging some expressions with other celebrities.




I  wasn`t a user of twitter ,actually i could have lived very well without a twitter account, but on @Kotlesya`s invitation -although i am not a twitter guy – i also jumped in .

@Buttafly  , we don`t need to go to  Vegas to know what  is the latest cutting edge technology on  instant comunications ,instead, we might as well want to save our hard earned money and   twitter our friend Kotlesya and she will keep us in the loop.  jejejejeje. 



I like twitter. It’s a great way to read news headlines as they get posted on various websites. You might hear about breaking stories quickly by using it. it’s only good for important people, like celebrities, journalist, and politics. they post information that people would care about. I think it’s alright. It’s a good way to follow news as well as friends all in the same feed.




I have a Twitter account but I barely use it. I just don’t see the need. Even Facebook..For me it’s just to keep in touch with friends. 

09:42 AM Jan 09 2015 |




You’re just a little bit contagious, Lesya :-)

I’ve heard that Twitter is supposed to be a great source of information and other silly stuff. To me it appears to be a fast running stream that can be really addictive…so please don’t drown, Lesya. We/ I need you around :D

08:33 AM Jan 09 2015 |




Great!  Today’s topic of lesson is just for me :D

I am definitely a fan of Twitter. It is the best network among all I used or saw. Mostly, I read Twitter than write on twitter myself but I find there everything I need. I have got my own lists with different kind of stuff: from news to humor. It is very suitable and useful. 

Twitter works like RSS feed for me. 

Rafael,  I support your opinion with both my hands. 

Twitter is the best informer for me so far. 

I will be glad to see my friends eBabians on twitter too


hanningstSuper Member!


no it’s not useful for me.

07:17 AM Jan 09 2015 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Beside them ,we cant use wechat too! Also G+ and many other ones! :))

But we use tricks and check most of them everyday ! ;)

There are many trusworthy pages like BBC , VOA  , ... !

Now all medias have their pages on social networks!

But I’m used to be well-informed by reading Newspapers and watching TV News!

I am still old fashioned about News! :-)

I mostly use social medias for having fun & communications!

04:37 AM Jan 09 2015 |




We can’t use Twitter, Facebook or Youtube….  

But we can use Wechat!! lol

02:38 AM Jan 09 2015 |

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