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Night Owls
Night Owls

Learn English with this night owls English lesson

Date: Jan 25 2019

Themes: Friend, Time

Grammar: Imperative Form


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While most people are snoozing away in bed, night owls are just beginning their nights. They’re the people who seem to get more energy as the night goes on. They may be reading, surfing the web, or playing video games, and all while everyone else is sleeping.

Some people’s bodies are like clockwork. Maybe it’s because they’ve trained their bodies to be asleep and awake at specific times. Night owls may have taught themselves to stay up later than most people.

Brian tells Gary about how he’s a night owl and loves being up late. Learn more in today’s English lesson about staying up.


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Gary:  Brian, I’m really looking forward to our new living arrangement.

Brian:  Great. Because I was thinking tonight, we’ll just stay up all night. All-nighter.

Gary:  Oh, man. I’m not a night owl like that. I’m in bed really early. I’m not a nocturnal person. I can’t stay up late.

Brian:  You’re a grown adult, and you have a bedtime?

Gary:  Yeah, I have a sleep schedule. I’m in bed around 10 o’clock. I wake up around five, six, or seven in the morning.

Brian:  See, I can never get to sleep. There are always so many distractions. My mind just keeps racing. Usually around 11 or midnight, I get a second wind. I like to read, I’ll watch a movie, I’ll go out. I love going out at night.

Gary:  What time do you stay up until?

Brian:  It just depends. Whenever I start to get tired, I will then fall asleep.

Gary:  Woah.

Brian:  How about this one time? To celebrate living together, let’s just do one all-nighter.

Gary:  I’ll try.

Brian:  Alright. You can do it.


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Brian really likes to stay up late when he gets a second wind. He says that he has trouble falling asleep. Instead, he spends time reading or watching a movie. Sometimes he’ll go out at night, too.

Gary is excited to be living with Brian. But he doesn’t have the same bedtime. Gary is in bed by the time Brian begins his nighttime activities. Even though they don’t have the same schedule, Gary agrees to try to have one all-nighter with Brian.

When is your bedtime? Do you like to stay up late?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

No drink can work for me!!!

Nothing helps me to stay up except a messy mind or an excited heart! ;-)

06:17 PM Jan 19 2015 |




Good idea julito, I used to stay up all night during exam weeks and a few cup of coffee helped me a lot in those days. :)

05:52 PM Jan 19 2015 |




Brian , sorry to get in the middle of your conversation but mind you if I give  my two cents (of advice), Gary is not convince that he could  be able to do an all-nighter , i suggest you go the the nearest  market or gas station and buy a twelve-pack of energizing drinks , hopefully if he drinks  this beverage  that is loaded with caffeine  he  might be able to stay as awake as an owl.   jejejejej!!

05:31 PM Jan 19 2015 |




ohhh. I am a perfect NIGHT OWL now a days. sleeping during all day and woke up during whole night.. :D :D. woow.  It’s holidays…yesss.. 

04:42 PM Jan 19 2015 |




It must be that at my age the body has some priorities   and one of them is to turn in  not later than 10.00 ,11.00 p.m. If for whatever reason  i go to bed  really late i know that  the next day  i will be totally washed out . I really enjoy my bedtime ,I disconect  myself from all the clutter that  sorround us living in a big city. I don`t sleep right away, i prefer surfing the web ,more likely Facebook and that`s it , see you later, crocodrile , tomorrow is another day.  Zzzzzzzzz

01:37 PM Jan 19 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It differs if you want to sleep but you can’t or you used to stay up at night! Like a night owl!

I have my livinng arrangement and a bedtime!

I am usually in bed at 10 pm! ( We say here I go to bed like a hen goes to its nest! :)) )

Of course  before sleeping I surf the web or chat with my close friends If I was on mood but It is very hard to me to stay up more than midnight!

I think if your mind is at peace and without any stress you can sleep very well! Good sleeping is truely a blessing and I really enjoy of that! :D

I have to confess I had been a night owl some nights in my life!When I was so excited or my mind was kept racing about something good or bad!

But I never stay up for a party ,working or studying! My mind dosent work and my body can’t accept that!

12:10 PM Jan 19 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

If I try to keep my-self awake after 11PM , my ” Brain ” falling asleep by it-self !!! :)

11:12 AM Jan 19 2015 |




I used to be a big night owl. I understand what Brian said about getting a second wind. My brain worked better and was more clear at late and quiet night. I did enjoy doing my own stuff while others are falling asleep. But now, I try to be in bed before the midnight as they say staying up late is harmful to our bodies.

09:16 AM Jan 19 2015 |




Gary is doing the best for his health. Well, my approach will be kinda scientific as I used to read about sleeping. The best time for sleeping is between 10:00pm and 04:00 am. In this time our brain produce melanin hormone that helps our cells to repair themselves. But this hormene is produced only in sleep and only in dark. So it’s very important to sleep at night and it’s very important to sleep in a dark place. So staying up all night is not health at all and researches show that staying up all night increases risk of cancer. 

I am not a night owl at all. I cannot sleep at 10:00pm, my body is not used to this but I cannot stay up till 01:00 too. And I have to wake up early in the morning to go to work. I agree with Yulia, really what does Brian do in day time? Doesn’t he work?

08:31 AM Jan 19 2015 |



Saudi Arabia

after today  didnt sleep till today.

02:59 AM Jan 19 2015 |

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@S&W   I kind of agree with you at that point…

I have my routine every day and night… But sometimes, you have to accept your friends’ invitations to go out and get some fun.   

Some people get used to stay up late. They will get inspirations or new idea when it’s quiet…    

Remember to take more exercises if you are a night owl… :))

02:40 AM Jan 19 2015 |



Russian Federation

I am not a nocturnal person either but going to bed at 10 pm…sounds like a kid :-)

but I try my best to sleep not less than 7 hours as this is my body clock requirement. It’s very hard to stay up all night and have ur mind keeping racing. I wonder what Brain is doing during the day, sleeping?

02:30 AM Jan 19 2015 |




My sleep schedule is like Gary.It is known of us that an adult requires eight hours every night.Being an night owl has no benefit for healthy.If one has sleeping problem,who is better stay away from movie and games.Listen to some soft music is good for sleep.

Gary and Brain have living together,What will happen,Brian was so acctive at night.

11:22 AM Jan 18 2015 |

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