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Have One's Heart Set On
Have One's Heart Set On English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English: meaning of 'have one's heart set on"

Date: Feb 17 2015

Themes: Friend, Romance, School, Soap Opera

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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It can be easy to wallow in self-pity when you don’t get what you want. Children have an especially hard time with it. Not getting a toy or losing a game can easily make a kid cry. But it’s not just children who feel sad in these situations. Adults get disappointed, too.

If you have your heart set on getting a job but it’s given to someone else, you’ll probably feel terrible. People who sell houses tell buyers not to get their hearts set on any one house, because someone else might offer more money for it. Of course, everyone has the experience of having one’s heart set on a relationship working out. We’re not always successful in love, though. That’s just life!

Brian tells Gary about two things he had his heart set on in today’s English lesson about wishing.

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Gary:  How have you been? Do you miss Lily a lot?

Brian:  Totally. I had my heart set on getting serious with her, but now she lives thousands of miles away.

Gary:  I know. But it’s important not to wallow in self-pity.

Brian:  I’m actually working hard on not wallowing.

Gary:  Oh, yeah?

Brian:  I registered for an online class.

Gary:  Did you really?

Brian:  At the university.

Gary:  Good for you. What are you taking?

Brian:  Human anatomy.

Gary:  Why human anatomy?

Brian:  I met with the advisor and she showed me the syllabus. It seemed really interesting. Plus I’ve always excelled at science.

Gary:  Oh, really?

Brian:  It’s true. In fact, I had my heart set on being a doctor when I was little.

Gary:  No kidding. What changed?

Brian:  Girls. I was always more interested in dating than studying.

Gary:  That doesn’t surprise me.

Brian:  But I registered online. Classes start next Tuesday. And I still have to get my textbook.

Gary:  Do you want to go get it? I could use a walk.

Brian. That’d be great. Thanks for being a great friend, Gary.

Gary:  I understand what you’re going through. Come on, let’s go.


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Brian is sad that Lily’s living in Paris. He wanted their relationship to become serious, and now that can’t happen. But Brian isn’t going to sit around and feel unhappy all day. He has signed up for a human anatomy class at the university.

Gary finds it interesting that Brian is taking a science course, but Brian says that he has always been good at science. In fact, he wanted to be a doctor when he was young. Gary’s surprised to hear this, but mostly he’s pleased that Brian is staying busy. He doesn’t want his friend to feel badly about his love life.

Can you understand Brian’s feelings? Have you ever had your heart set on something that didn’t work out?



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I think that Brian’s act was right. After all Lilly didn’t have her heart set on getting serious with Brian, didn’t she ? Because of this reason Brian would go to Paris to chase Lily’s love in vain.

There is a good saying for this case ; if one door closes another one will open for you.

Anyway I am tend to wallow in self pity sometimes. I fell I have my heart set on learning English and other thing and I don’t even get the job I would like, but after a while I pick myself up and I except a good chance again ! :-)

08:32 AM Feb 17 2015 |

GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

Friends help each other in time of need. In fact, they throw the misery off by hanging out, taking on new activities, or even comforting themselves by merely chatting. If someone, for example, has a heavy burden on his shoulders, it can be faded away with the help of a friend, just like what has happened in this lesson. A little walk, regardless of seemingly simple, could mean a lot to the recipient; in part it soothes the current feeling and forcefully change the state of mind to be more composed.

04:43 AM Feb 17 2015 |




I thought Brain will chase love to Paris.Why Brain becomes so upset and convert his attention to science class?Whatever Brain is moving on.

01:56 AM Feb 17 2015 |

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