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Shark Tank
Shark Tank

Learn English: Meaning of Shark Tank

Date: Mar 22 2019

Themes: Pop Culture, Work


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Some people want to be entrepreneurs and have their own businesses. “Shark Tank” is a TV show platform where small business owners can go to pitch their ideas and hopefully find a “shark” to invest in their product.

Jessica tells Gary about how much she enjoys watching the show. Learn more in today’s English lesson about getting in the “Shark Tank.”


invest v.


Example I want to invest in a bicycle so I can travel faster.

entrepreneur n.


Example I'm an entrepreneur now, but I used to work for Microsoft.

pitch v.


Example You have such great ideas! You should pitch them to someone who can help you out.

Example You have such great ideas! You should _*pitch*_ them to someone who can help you out.

Example My dad keeps _*pitch*_ing me this idea about buying land together in Hawaii. I don't think it's a good idea though.

Example I absolutely love his music! Let's go _*pitch*_ it to a few labels and see if we can get him a deal.

platform n.


Example He used his business presentation as a platform to talk about other ideas he's working on.

product n.


Example Coca-Cola has started selling a new product. It sounds delicious.

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Have you ever watched “Shark Tank”? Do you like the show?


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I like this show, but I dont think it’s very realistic

03:46 PM Apr 23 2019 |



 I haven’t watched the show before , but I loved the idea 

06:30 PM Apr 14 2019 |




ohh sharks !!!! the biggest animals of seas and oceans,also relentless,scary and cold-blooded killers , at least we all know tlike this..

in Today,there are too much people who have “American dream” for having money in a short time..for having big business..with their interesting ideas..and these small,skinny inventor-entrepreneur fish needs to be under shark’s wings for making  their dreams true.

win-win game :) 

11:54 AM Mar 23 2019 |

1 person likes this




I am going to watch it right now….

12:30 AM Mar 22 2019 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


I liked that idea very much. I haven’t seen it yet but it seems to be exciting. I mean the “shark tank”.☺

04:01 PM Mar 26 2015 |



I think is a good programm where everyone can express their opinion about a topic or a big ideas. to be a entrepeneur is good because you can compite with others.

10:39 PM Mar 22 2015 |


United States

The Shark Tank is one of my favorite TV shows because it allows a business the opportunity to succeed if a lack of money is holding them back.

However, you can also get your feelings hurt if your businress will not make the investor(s) money because it’s like being in a tank of sharks!

05:57 AM Mar 22 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I didnt watch this program or hear about it. but i believe this is a good way for find inventor and think more.

07:14 PM Mar 21 2015 |




I’ve not seen this show. I’ll give it a try.

02:29 PM Mar 21 2015 |




I have not watch it, it’s really interesting concept i guess..n more interesting is that they call “shark” for the investors. so, the investor actually a shark? It can bite anytime

06:29 AM Mar 21 2015 |




not just a shark tank, any socializing event can get you out there. DOnt be shy if you think you idea is big. make it big! :)



No, I didn’t , but I’d like see it .

01:14 AM Mar 21 2015 |




If we are not familiar  with the show  we could ask why ” SHARK TANK”. I have googled the programme and this is what i came up with.

The sharks often find weaknesses and faults in an entrepreneur`s concept, product or business model.  Some of the investors try to soften the impact of rejection, like panel member Corcoran, while others such as O`Leary can be brutal and show no patience even for tales of hardships . 

I remember what a friend told me not long before. He had to attend a business meeting of several entrepreneurs and an investor.  ( My friend`s role was of a counselor) That investor was brutal and  without pity with the people.  At the end of the meeting and on the way out one of them asked him ” did you notice that that guy (the investor) had a glass eye ? no, i didn`t,my friend replied.  Well , the little humanity that man  has is  only in his glass eye.   jejejejej

La Princesse de la vie


I haven’t watched the TV show, but, like Gary, I like the idea and want to give it a try.

I know something that maybe is the same as the whole idea of this TV show. It’s an international organization, called Enactus, and it helps the university students to be good entrepreneurs and it exists most of the universities around the world. It works through some sponsors investing in the ideas that students present. It’s a whole impressive matter. It has the spirit of competition also, and that makes it more enthusiastic among the students.



ummm, it’s not about the show. it’s about if people are intresting in watching as the past. because i stop watching TV but yeah it seems interesting :)

01:31 PM Mar 20 2015 |

habiba 18

habiba 18


i’ve never heard of it but it seems very interesting

12:17 PM Mar 20 2015 |




11:36 AM Mar 20 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’m interested to know why they have named themselves “sharks” ?!! Do they really eat small businesses?!!



Sri Lanka

No, I haven’t watched it and didn’t know there was a show like this till today. 

From the sound of it, I too feel that it would be pretty thrilling to see how the small entrepreneurs or inventors play their cards right and get the sharks to invest in their ventures. 

07:39 AM Mar 20 2015 |




this is a benificial show for both the audience and the attendants.because it can inspire more young people to work on their dreams and is also a huge opportunity for the inventors or entreprenuers to gather lots of money…there should be also a show like this in China!

06:37 AM Mar 20 2015 |

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