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On-Demand TV
On-Demand TV

Learn English: Meaning of On-Demand TV

Date: Mar 19 2019

Themes: How To, Tech

Grammar: Be Able To


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It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to watch your favorite TV show, you had to be at home to see it when it aired. If you were out and didn’t save it on a video tape, then you’d miss it. But new technology has made it much easier to never miss an episode.

Almost everyone has a DVR connected to their television to save shows. There are also services that let you pick any episode of your favorite show that has already aired and watch it anytime. It’s very convenient, but it also makes it easy to watch too much TV!

Jessica tells Lily about how on-demand TV is great, but she might have to stop spending so much time in front of her television. Find out more in today’s English lesson about not overdoing it when watching your favorite shows.


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Jessica:  So, Lily. We recently got Netflix, which is kind of like on-demand TV.

Lily:  Yeah.

Jessica:  And I have been binge-watching TV a little more than I think I should. I think it’s becoming addictive.

Lily:  I think binge-watching is actually addictive. Because you don’t interact with people. You just sit in front of your TV screen all day. You’re not active. You’re not doing anything. You’re just sitting in front of your DVR. You live inside the world of the show, instead of living in the moment.

Jessica:  It’s true. I might be overdoing it. But I also feel like I’m able to stay current and up-to-date on all of the shows I like to see, including some very awesome documentaries that I feel are educational.

Lily:  OK. Fair enough. Just go outside and take a walk so you still have control of your legs.

Jessica:  There you go. That’s a good idea. I’ll remember that.

Lily:  Good.


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Jessica is excited that she’s able to watch some of her favorite TV shows anytime with on-demand TV. She likes that she can stay current and also discover new things that she has not seen before. But it can be a little addictive, and she’s been spending too much time in front of her television.

Lily is worried that Jessica may be watching too much TV and not doing anything else. She just wants to make sure that Jessica is also doing other things like spending time with her friends. Lily suggests that Jessica go outside every now and then to experience the real world.

Do you use on-demand TV? Does it make you watch too much television?



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@Science.  it must be since  it has gained large audiences . They ” frown” at me because  couldn`t understand that i was so  ”out of the loop”, so to speak , but  the little time free i have i prefer the internet  . I used every morning to watch a Korean soap opera, i was so   absorbed by the drama that since i couldn`t stop seeing it  i was usually  late at work  .  

11:32 AM Mar 16 2015 |

1 person likes this





People frowned at you for not watching this show? Strange.. It’s a nice show though. ;)

11:19 AM Mar 16 2015 |

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In my country  the TV set is referred as ” the dumb box ” ( la caja boba) , it may be that it is because many people  spent  their free time  sitting idly in front of the monitor watching worthless programmes. 

I had a Samsung LED TV  and sold it  to buy a Samsung Smart TV , the fact is  i don`t know why i bought it, now is hanging on the wall as a decoration piece , i rarely watch it. Now the talk of the day is  a turkish soap opera “thousand and one nights (las mil y una noches ) everybody in my country is talking about it  and my friends wanted to know if i am also into it ,when i say i don`t watch it  they frowned at me.    Our tv programms are very boring , at least for me, I prefer the internet . 

10:46 AM Mar 16 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

No we don’t have on-Demand TV here! Indeed I am not addicted to TV shows!

One or two TV peograms is enough to me for following and I dont have time for more!

I prefer to interact with people than living in TV shows world!

About smart phone , sometimes I ovrdo it but I try to take a break for a while and do new things!


I love your quote! ;-)

10:27 AM Mar 16 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Usually I watch TV just for news and sport but if check the schedule and see that it is suppose that show a good film surely I watch it.

No we here don’t access to on-demand TV but in my opinion it can be useful for every one

09:11 AM Mar 16 2015 |



Sri Lanka

No, I don’t use on-demand TV. Since I’m more of a bookworm than a couch potato I’m not planning to use it in future as well. And the following is my favorite quote about TV,

“I find television very educating. Every time someone turns it on, I go into the other room and read a good book.” 




I don’t use on-deman TV too. But I use my computer too often and I know that’s vert vert bad for my eyes. 

@S&W, I have exactly the same problem. 

04:57 AM Mar 16 2015 |




No,i don’t use on-demand TV.Why does lily watch TV shows online?Recently i plan to not use smart phone i got eye drys and cervical pain.

02:52 AM Mar 16 2015 |

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