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Book Clubs
Book Clubs

Learn English meaning of book clubs

Date: Mar 20 2019

Themes: Friend, Hobbies

Grammar: Reflexive Pronouns


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Many people read for fun. It could be a novel or a book of short stories, but what they have in common is that the books can take a reader to another world. Reading is an activity that people do alone, but what if they want to talk about what they’ve read?

Book clubs are the perfect way to get together with friends to discuss a book they’ve all read. In a book club, you can learn a different interpretation or ideas about the story that you had not thought of before. We often go out with friends to see movies and then chat about them afterwards. Why not do it with books and stories?

Marni tells Jessica about how she wishes she had someone to talk to about a book she had just read. Learn more in today’s English lesson about wanting to join a book club.


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Marni:  Jessica, I just read the most fabulous book. And I was thinking I want to be in a book club.

Jessica:  You should join our book club!

Marni:  Really?

Jessica:  Yeah. It’s such a fun and exciting commitment. Because you choose your book, and then you’re all kind of in it together. You get to read the book and discuss your interpretation of the book.

Marni:  Right, because I found myself really wanting to discuss this book with someone but nobody I knew had read it. What do I do with these questions I have? And that’s what I think makes a good book, right? All the questions that it brings up. I would love to have a lively discussion with your book club about whatever you’re reading.

Jessica:  That would be wonderful. Maybe you can come next week to our book club meeting. And maybe we can read that book and have a very lively discussion about it.

Marni:  I would love to come. Thank you for inviting me to your book club.

Jessica:  Yeah. That would be fun.


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Marni is really excited about a book she just finished reading, but she wishes that she could talk to someone else about it. She thinks the book is good, but she has many questions that she would like to discuss. Marni is thinking of joining a book club.

Marni is talking to the right person because Jessica is in a book club. Jessica tells Marni about how her book club can have really fun and exciting talks when they get together. She invites Marni to join her group for the next book they read.

Do you like the idea of a book club? Would you like to talk about stories you’ve read?



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Sri Lanka

Thank you, Crazyshadow. These type of gatherings are great when they end in food. 

Have a nice day! 

07:46 AM Mar 25 2015 |



lol, yes as reading is mind’s food, in the same time our bodies will not keep in hunger :D

i love your comment Shoba ;)

07:33 AM Mar 25 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The idea is great and Id love to talk about the stories that I have read them and discuss with others who have read the same books and share our interpraitions together!


You can make a book club in forums and we will join there!



Sri Lanka

I love book clubs! It’s simply wonderful to gather in someone’s living room and discuss the finer points of a book we all have read.

We can feed each other’s minds in this way, and we can feed our bodies too if the person who lends the living room is a bit more generous.




it’s nice topic actually, because some one advice me reading english novels to  develop my level in english.

since i love reading,  I decided to start with the only engilsh novel i found it in my home :D

it’s robinson Crusoe. I’m still in the first chapter and i look forward to finish it, with having satisfied result.

And yes, when i enjoy something i’ll love to share it with others.

tar1ta & ria-12 : your idea is so good, i think we need a book clup here.

07:24 AM Mar 25 2015 |




Hey, friends! Let’s discuss our interpretation of books right here :)

Let this lesson be the book club.

Does somebody read books in English?

06:05 AM Mar 25 2015 |




Yeah i like it, since i read this article, i want to make a book club for having fun and discuss about the story i read. I prefer to read the book batter than e-book. Do someone want to joint in my club book? and we can discuss about the book and improve our english. Yippie

04:19 AM Mar 25 2015 |




I like the idea about book club and i prefer paper books more than eletronic book.Every time i read a fantastic story i got strong feeling to share it with my friends.

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