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Mexican Food
Mexican Food

Learn English meaning of Mexican food

Date: May 01 2020

Themes: Food, Health, Travel

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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If you could only eat one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Could you really eat it every day? Since there are so many different food options in the world, it would not be an easy choice. But many Americans think the best choice is Mexican food.

Mexican food is mainly made of meat, cheese, corn, beans, and rice, but there are many different ways to prepare it. Usually, the ingredients are served in a tortilla. The Americanized version of Mexican food is called Tex-Mex, but most people prefer Mexican food to be authentic.

Brian wants to eat Mexican food with Kellie, but she wants to get Thai food. Find out what they choose to eat in today’s English lesson about a spicy cuisine.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Kellie, do you want to go get some tacos?

Kellie:  Yeah, I was kind of thinking about Thai food.

Brian:  Do you not like Mexican Food?

Kellie:  No, I love Mexican food. But I spent some time in California last month, and I went to all of these restaurants. And it was so good. The taste was just so different than anything I’ve had here.

Brian:  So, you don’t like Americanized Mexican food?

Kellie:  Actually, in California, I think they have the best Mexican food. It’s really spicy, which I like. And it’s authentic.

Brian:  Yeah, I have been there too, and I think it tastes really good. I feel, though, if you find the right restaurants in any city, there are always immigrants. And sometimes they make (it) also very authentic, and it’s not Americanized in any way. There’s this great food cart, and it’s all authentic. In fact, they don’t even have tacos or burritos. It’s pure Mexican dishes.

Kellie:  Well, that sounds good. Let’s try it.

Brian:  Alright, let’s try it. If it’s not good, I’ll buy you Thai food afterwards.

Kellie:  OK, that sounds good.


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Brian wants to eat Mexican food. He thinks that one can find a good Mexican restaurant in any city, because there are always immigrants who make authentic food. He doesn’t like Americanized Mexican food, and wants to show Kellie his favorite Mexican restaurant.

Kellie would prefer to eat Thai food. She likes Mexican food, but she thinks the best place to find it is in California. She likes it authentic, just like Brian, but she also likes her Mexican food to be spicy. She agrees to go to Brian’s favorite restaurant, but if she doesn’t like it, he will buy her Thai food.

Do you like Mexican food? What is your favorite cuisine?



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Shoba, come join us and tryurkish food and don’t worry about the bill. Apparently Seyif is buying :)

06:26 PM Apr 08 2015 |




Seyif, I will pass on ayran because I am a coffee person, but here you are. Enjoy it! 

But now you have to pay for the bill. Sorry. :D

04:05 PM Apr 08 2015 |

1 person likes this



Sri Lanka

Although I have reservations about trying new dishes, the word “spicy” attracts me like a magnet. 

But the problem is eating in Mexican restaurants means lots of money in Sri Lanka. So, if someone is willing to foot the bill, I’m ready to taste it and say if I like it or not. 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have tried Mexican Food, but I didn’t find that food so tasty! Maybe the resturant wasn’t good!

I have tried turkish food too! Turkish food in my opinion was better than Mexican food.




I am not sure whether  in Argentina we have  restaurants catering to  people who like mexican cuisine.  It is a pity, because  i like  tacos,quesadilla and the famous burritos . But not all is lost , while in California  i usually go to a mexican cantina and eat them .With good luck, to top it off,i could hear a show of mariachis  . Viva Mexico compadre     




Thanks MESS, now I will definitely eat some çiğ köfte :) You are right Seiyf we need ayran to enjoy this meal.

Guys we changed the lesson’s subject to Turkish Food :)

01:47 PM Apr 08 2015 |



where are ayrans ??


12:41 PM Apr 08 2015 |

3 people like this




Science Boy,

Then let’s enjoy some cig kofte! Here we gooooo! Come on in, guys. Join us. :)) 

This photo says it best!





Afret reading your comment I am craving for a portion of “cig kofte” as well. Yummy :)

I haven’t tried Mexican food yet but I definitely will. 

After foodie lesson this lesson was really good. IO said I am not a foodie but Mexican food caught my eye, so maybe I am a foodie.

09:26 AM Apr 08 2015 |




I definitely love trying different meals. It is a great feeling. I have always heard about tacos, especially from the British people but never got a chance to taste it although I am dying to. 

Spicy food? Umm, just a tiny bit of spice is okay, but not too much. I cannot help tears running down my cheeks when I eat spicy food. It is something that I cannot fix. :)

In Turkey we have this special dish called “Cig Kofte.” It is pretty spicy but it is optional to add spice but when I say spicy, I mean really spicy. The food tastes pretty good and I have been craving for it for a couple of days, so probably I will go get some cig kofte. 

Happy “foody” day, guys! 




Actually I am cashier at restaurant which is has Tachos.It’s the first time to know that we have something in commen with Mexico food.We become have Ye-Mex.I can’t find more then this Mexican meal.We have some spicy dishes in our country.

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