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Solo Travel
Solo Travel

Learn English meaning of solo travel

Date: Jun 15 2020

Themes: Hobbies, Holidays, Travel

Grammar: Be Able To


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Being able to travel and see different parts of the world is one of the pleasures of life. Many people prefer to travel and share the experience with their friends or families. But traveling alone can also be just as fun.

Solo travel might be the best option if you like to be independent and don’t want to compromise what you’d like to do. Traveling can be a very personal experience, and some people want to go and sightsee alone to immerse themselves in a new place.

Brian and Kellie talk about how much they love solo traveling. Find out more in today’s English lesson about seeing the world on your own.


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Brian:  So, Kellie, I was just in Kentucky.

Kellie:  Oh, really?

Brian:  Yeah. I was traveling there and seeing some of the sights. I was there for work, but I got to go there alone. Which I love… traveling alone.

Kellie:  That’s nice. I also like solo travel quite a bit.

Brian:  You can be independent. I don’t have to do a lot of planning. I can go anywhere I want to on a whim.

Kellie:  It’s fun to travel with other people. But you don’t get much “me time” when you do that.

Brian:  Sometimes you have to compromise what you want to do for what they want to do.

Kellie:  Exactly.

Brian:  I have a hard time sticking to an itinerary. I really like to just sightsee on my own.

Kellie:  I disagree with people a lot when we’re sightseeing. So it’s nice to just be able to just do my own thing.

Brian:  Where have you traveled alone?

Kellie:  Last year, I went to Malaysia alone. I don’t think anyone else wanted to go with me. So…

Brian:  I also went to Europe, two summers ago, alone.

Kellie:  Oh, really?

Brian:  And that was fantastic. I was able to travel all around Europe and didn’t have to follow anyone else’s schedule.

Kellie:  That’s nice. Wow! I would love to do that myself.

Brian:  You totally should.

Kellie:  I feel like we should go together. But then it wouldn’t be solo travel.

Brian:  We can just ride the plane and then split up.


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Not everyone likes to travel alone, but Brian really enjoys it. He says that traveling by himself is good for him because then he can do whatever he wants without worrying about someone else. Brian likes being independent when he is traveling.

Kellie feels the same way as Brian when it comes to traveling. She says that she usually doesn’t like what other people plan to sightsee. Kellie knows what she likes and she doesn’t want to compromise.

Have you ever tried traveling by yourself? How do you feel about solo travel?



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United States

When I was younger, I traveled alone a lot. I agree with other commentators that solo travel gives you freedom. Freedom of mind and soul.

Recently I came across this nice article describing advantages of traveling alone:


I think that it would be valuable for those who are scared of going abroad alone. I am convinced that everyone should try solo travel(especially going abroad) at least once in their life.

Maybe you’ll enjoy it. Or maybe not.

05:28 PM Apr 26 2017 |



To travel alone you have to have some courage. It could be tricky to fine the way back to hotel when you are lost in the middle. But it is indeed a lot of fun. Brcause you are alone you always get in touch with natives.

08:55 PM May 26 2015 |



United States

I love travrling it fun.


01:08 PM May 26 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

About taking photos of myself you are right Mess! Who takes my photo??? I always have a tripod with myself but I prefer others take my pictures! I dont really like selfi too! It was a problem that I didnt notice!! :\

But I am the one who never talks along my travel with plane or bus or …! Of corse I dont sleep on the plane but I usually read something or listen to music or watch a movie…! But I guess if Mess or Julito was with me I change my mind! Hi where are you from? ..... :)

Different ideas about seesighting is the worst thing in travel! I know how much its annoying Julito! :-)

01:19 AM May 26 2015 |




, Both, travelling alone or with companions has pros and cons. I have had one sour experience,   I and a dear friend were visiting New York for a week ,we couldn´t agree  what places to visit together ,the botton line is that most of the time i was alone.It was very frustrating to me getting to know that my friend was rejecting my company. above all because he let me know it in an unpleasant way.My bad luck , as in the case of MESS, starts ,right after the plane is on the air, my next seat  passenger starts sleeping, no airport chit-chat …hello ,where are you from and all that . i know what comes next ,fifteen hours of boredom .  Thank you MESS ,I AM NOT ALONE AFTER ALL.Hahahahaha


Saudi Arabia

I dont spaek English . I wish than speak English .

I m learnning English in my collge but  l want improve my skills .

Can you help me

08:12 PM May 25 2015 |




Here is another solo traveler! :)

I love traveling alone, but the thing that bores me the most is to sit on the plane all alone and have no one around to chat with. I hate it a lot when the person sitting next to me on the plane sleeps instead of having a lovely chat with me. So the most striking disadvantage of traveling alone is to have no one to have a lovely chit-chat on the plane.

I am fine with the rest, though. You go with your own plan. However, if you love taking photos of yourself facing spectatular views, you should consider having a company with you. As I do not love taking my photos much, I am fine with that, too. I mean, I am grateful that I am capable of speaking to strangers and asking them to take my photo if I am really in the mood to do so. :)

It is great to travel with fun people, but as the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the stew. Traveling with only one company is fine if he/she has similar likes, and dislikes as yours. Otherwise, get ready to have a nicely spoilt travel, and have no fun. 

But all in all, traveling is fun. It is one of the greatest mood lifters for me. Give me a fun company and let me go on a fun mission. Wohooo! :)



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Ok dear Sienceboy!

You can stay alone for a short time but me and Shoba need someone to talk here!

If all members like to be alone then how and with whom we can talk?! :))


Stay happy alone or not alone! :)

06:22 PM May 25 2015 |




Dear Mahtab and Shoba,

I agree with you. It’s not good being alone fo so long and I don’t want to be solo all the time too. I just love being solo for a while. I miss being alone as I don’t have much “me time”. Maybe that’s why I feel like I am a solo person. Maybe I would feel bored if I had a solo life for so long.

nasrin jojo

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

ssolo travel!!!! i dont have experience for traveling alone but i believe it would be exciting and unforgottable…

at first people guess it is stressfull and strange but afterward it will has full of experience and it could be like a lesson!!!!

i would like go travel alone and i.will have me.time and do everything what i want without someone else intruption!!

05:13 PM May 25 2015 |



Sri Lanka

ScienceBoy, like Mahtab I’m also surprised to hear that you’re a solo person.

You know, I can’t be solo for a long time. I can’t keep my mouth shut for more than an hour and hence need someone next to me all the time to listen to my chattering.





I read every piece of those comments below,Everyone likes solo travel,I had solo travel experience and usually, i need much time to make a plan and prepare for my travel.The most important thing of travel alone is always be safe.

Traveling alone is wonderful but i am more like travel with best friends or family member.Sharing every excited moment with a person besides you is better than enjoy it alone.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh why Sienceboy?!

I hope you are fine! :)

I must say that my best travels were with my wonderful friends but solo travel is special too!

Never want to be alone all the time! :)

Me time is good but not always! Time to time! :-)

03:12 PM May 25 2015 |




I love solo travel. I love being solo. I love having me time. I am a solo person.



Russian Federation

For me it’s a big difference travelling alone or with some friends. It’s great to go to a trip with someone who is close to you and your interests/preferences are the same at most. It’s just great to share new moments and feelings…

But solo travel is very different…it’s like you know yourself better through new experience, feel freedom and can manage the time as you like, go without any compromises. Just you need to prepare carefully if travelling alone



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 if you want know better your friends go with them to trip.i dont like travel alone becuasei experince it and if you want have more enjoy travel with friendsits cool

11:58 AM May 25 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Sometimes Solo Traveling would be very interesting … when you really need to have much “me time” !

09:53 AM May 25 2015 |




Yeah you are right. 

08:54 AM May 25 2015 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of


If we never try , we will never know!

Before I travel alone I had a lot of stress!

What will hapoen if something was wrong?

How will I do this or that alone?

But it was a  great experience and I have learened manythings from my solo travel!

Of course I have no idea about traveling alone to a wild regions like amazon!! :))

But it was a movie that always gives me good feelings about solo travel!

” Eat Pray Love”





Solo travel i guess is very exciting and dangerous. You should be brave and have some special skills. I saw recently movie “Wild” with Rees Whitherspoon and Into the Wild. Cool films. And everyday i think more and more about it. I wanna try but afraid. Anyway its a good idea.

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