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get back on one's feet

get back on one's feet

Date: Jun 11 2015

Themes: Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“When the Korean economy was just trying to get back on its feet after the war, having parks was a luxury.”

Former president of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, talking about recovering after war. (BrainyQuote)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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become independent again after a difficult period

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Have you ever broken a bone? Or had someone you loved break up with you? There are times in life when it feels like we will never be okay again. But, the truth is, as long as we are alive, we will always be okay. When you get hurt, you simply need to get back on your feet.

To get back on one’s feet means to get better after a tough experience. It is very sad when people get really sick, but all they can do is get back on their feet and keep on living their lives. Life can be very hard, but we always must keep moving forward.

Former president of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak said that when Korea was getting back on its feet after war, even a small thing like a city park was incredibly nice to have. He thinks that it is important to keep trying to be better, even when things are really bad.

How do you get back on your feet after you have been hurt?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I work at a place that helps women get back on their feet after divorce.”

“My grandfather was seriously ill, but he was back on his feet very quickly.”

“If you fail at first, get back on your feet and try it again.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Manu4 To recover
by Manu4
ortiz2037 Get back to normal after suffering a bad experience..
by ortiz2037
a2020 Recover and rely on itself.
by a2020
judinasve to recover to a previous good state, to rise after the decline
by judinasve
Talia Do overcome difficulty; recover from something, especially from financial problems.
by Talia Do
aijaciba To recover from problems.
by aijaciba
julito1 Recovering
by julito1
Zette To make a comeback or to recover after an unfavorable event
by Zette

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Couple days ago I had a surgery but now I need to get back on my feet cauze I’ve to work :)

08:24 PM Oct 16 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I prefer to be alone for awhile to rearrange my thoughts to see through the dark, that’s how I get back on my feet after I’ve been struck. And it usually happens to work.

01:45 PM Jun 12 2015 |

2 people like this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Talking about getting back on feet is easy! I know people who were disabled in the war, their life is so tough! I sometimes think how they could get  back on their feet!

I think things like hope and the ability to adapt to new conditions are the most important things to get back on feet after a bad event for people. Otherwise, our lives will be disrupted.

03:51 PM Jun 11 2015 |


United States

After having a stroke , I have got back on my feet by exercising every day. 

03:45 PM Jun 11 2015 |



Sri Lanka

When I’m phsically hurt I get back on my feet very quickly with the help of medicines.

But unfortunately there are no pain killers to comfort me when I’m mentally hurt. I cry a lot and go for long walks until the initial pain subsides. Then I force myself to get back on my feet slowly with great inner strength. 

What doesn’t kill me makes me strong. 

03:29 PM Jun 11 2015 |




turning back always  prevent  us to get back on feet.I think we dont need  to regret about mistakes and troubles  occured  in past which hurt us most time,we should look forward and expect the best things from future.Thats why  we need to get back on feet quickly ,let  God help  everybody!

01:19 PM Jun 11 2015 |



Russian Federation

Everything is done for the better…and I believe in a better. We are not able to control/prevent all events.. some of which allow us to grow. These thoughts and belief make me feel stronger if something happens and make me get back on my feet

09:53 AM Jun 11 2015 |




There has an old saying in china was Misfortune maybe an actual blessing.I would give myself this psychology implication when i was hurted by something.It will help me get back on my feet easily.

09:40 AM Jun 11 2015 |

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