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Lebron James
Lebron James

Learn English with this Lebron James ESL lesson

Date: Jul 19 2019

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture, Sports


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Most people think that Lebron James is the best basketball player in the world. He is very good, but many people think he is too egotistical. He has become infamous because he is not a very humble person.

But whether or not you like him, you probably agree that Lebron James is a dominant basketball player. You cannot dispute that he has skills!


egotistical adj.


Example I could never date Harry. He's so egotistical, and he always talks about himself.

infamous adj.


Example Michael Jackson has been famous for many years, but now he is becoming infamous because of the strange things he does.

humble adj.


Example It must be hard to be humble when you're very famous.

dispute v.


Example You cannot dispute the fact that Leo Messi is one of the best soccer players ever.

dominant adj.


Example There is usually one dominant male lion in a lion pride.

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Do you agree that Lebron James is one of the best players in the world? Do you want sports stars to be humble or egotistical?


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United States

definitely one of the best basketball players.  


he motivates me write further articles at http://procopytips.blogspot.com !

05:08 PM Jul 31 2015 |




But, honestly, looking at Lebron James image, the last thought that might hit you is his selfishness. So friendly and kind he looks like, like God:)

01:08 PM Jul 12 2015 |


Costa Rica

Honestly, I don’t who that guy is. I am not very familiarized with basketball players. However, I do think that humbleness is essential, not only in sports, but also in every aspect of people’s lives!! 

04:36 PM Jul 11 2015 |




I want sport stars and movie stars to be humble. As much as I like a star I don’t like an egotistical attitude.

Being humble suits everyone, star or not star.




I was thinking hard actually who is humble among Hollywood stars. For a long time nothing has crossed my mind until I saw that actor on the picture that clearly revealed the image of great actor with modesty as Anthony Hopkins. I think it’s hard for the famous to be humble – to think twice at the end of the day what you have done wrong. And another star far from being humble was Elvis Presly, even though he was quite religious person and read the Bible every day, but gluttony, drugs killed his songs that he sang really good, from heart. And people still remember him. Maybe his great act of humbleness was to sing songs in that way that many impersonator can sing today.

04:29 AM Jul 11 2015 |




 Totally ignorant as i am about basketball players i have been doing some research  to know a bit about Lebron James. WOW, this guy  is amazing . He has several  nicknames: “the king”, “lebdog” ,” King James” and “the chosen one” ,  I understand why Mr Lebron is so egotistical , he is almost God  to many. jejejeje




I agree that Lebron James is one of the best basketball players in the world.Every athelet who play basketball in NBA isn’t an idoit.They had gone through fierce selections and became a professional basketball player.He is better to act a little bit humble.



Sri Lanka

As I always admire the skills of people who stand out in any field and set the bar for others, I think I would admire the skills of Lebron James too if I see him playing. 

As for the egotistical matter, I feel he should try to set a good example for the youngsters who look up to him by being more humble. 

But personally, I wouldn’t worry myself too much about his egotism unless I’m dating him. LOL


scheyllaSuper Member!


I do agree that Lebron James is one of the best players in the world. There’s no doubt about that. I think that a person should be proud of his talent, skills whatever he does but always in a good way and not being egotistical or self-absorbed. And I really prefer humble people no matter what kind of profession they have.




Should be proud of what he has achieved, of what he has become. The real, not envious ones will recognize him as a great player. The envious ones don’t give a damn. People are different.
My respect to this athlete for the great win of his life. Be proud of it and share your joy!

La Princesse de la vie


I don’t know Lebron James and if I had known him, I wouldn’t have liked him, but I may have admired his skills, though, but not his personality.

Of course, everybody should be humble. Whatever you do and how important it is, you mustn’t keep your nose up an talk other people down. As a known person, your ego does nothing but lessen your popularity, so it’s to your advantage to be modest. Respect must be shared.

01:02 AM Jul 10 2015 |

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