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Learn English meaning of 'Survivor'

Date: Jul 26 2019

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture


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Nobody knew if a TV show about people living without food, water, and a place to sleep would become popular. But after 38 seasons, “Survivor” is still watched and loved by people around the world.

Players on “Survivor” are put on two tribes. They must make alliances, use strategy to get immunity, and try not to be exiled. The winning player gets $1,000,000, which is a big reward!


immunity n.


Example Switzerland chooses immunity from war.

exile v.


Example The queen will exile her son if he doesn't do what she says.

rewards n.


Example Our teacher gave us the best rewards when we did our work in kindergarten.

season n.


Example The last season of Survivor was my favorite, but they're all good!

alliance n.


Example During World War II, the US and UK were in the same alliance.

strategy n.


Example My strategy at basketball is to play good defense.

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Do you watch “Survivor?” Would you like to play “Survivor?”


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Arlinrat Aui


No, I never watch game show like that and I think That s not reality show 

and some of strategy to make game interested for keep people watching them

I would not like to play Survivor game show but …in fact … life is the life game and all people play and get a reward everyday by themself 

Have a great day.  .

08:31 AM Jul 31 2019 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

No I havent seen survivor or any similar shows.

I feel these shows are a little violent😏

It is good to show how they make alliances or do teamworking but why people should fight for living or in fact for money?🤔

03:35 AM Jul 27 2019 |


GWTASuper Member!


no, no, daily life is hard enough

08:03 AM Jul 26 2019 |

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scheyllaSuper Member!


I’m not really into reality show. Actually I hate realities. And I don’t believe that everything that happens there is true, I guess a lot of things is manipulated by the TV which has its own interest behind. 

01:41 AM Jul 27 2015 |



Russian Federation

I’ve never watched american seasons of ’’Survivor””, but in Russia we had similar reality show. It’s also has the same name, but there were russian people. But i didn’t watch it too.

If i have a chance, i’ll give it a try to play the “survivor’’. 

09:44 AM Jul 19 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I haven’t watched Survivor till now! But I saw a few minutes ago parts of 2 episodes from Turkey and US. They were so interesting and full of excitement.

Depends on my personality I prefer to play games instead of watching them and cheering players.

I know playing games may be so difficult and dangerous. But it is better than sitting in room and watch them on TV!

11:55 AM Jul 17 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I never had the opportunity to watch Survivor, (the reality TV show has been not broadcast in Iranian medias yet.) But It’s not a big deal for me because these kind of stuffs aren’t my cup of tea. 

At least TV shows aren’t supposed to be some sort of a video game. I think playing a video game online would be more interesting rather than wasting my time by watching such kind of shows. In my opinion they are so boring to watch, I hope I wouldn’t sound like a cocky here but I really feel that they aren’t even in my league.

You know what a TV show really means to me. “20 questions” dosen’t it ring a bell?

It really was so popular in past decades on radio as well as TV all around the world and it was all laugh, therapeutic and fun. It seems that producers in that time really knew what kind of programs people need to unwind after a stressful day.

07:23 AM Jul 17 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Seriously?! 31 seasons! That’s a lot! It seems a very old show from the eighties or maybe older, despite the fact that I’d never heard of it in my entire life till now. Where have I been?!

I have to say I’m thrilled to see it. it seems exciting to watch, but not to try xD It’s not a good way for me to earn unlikely 1 million dollars! But I must say that a small part of me would like to risk!

08:52 PM Jul 16 2015 |

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