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Learn English meaning of DIY

Date: Jul 30 2019

Themes: Hobbies, How To

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Say you have a problem with a door in your house. It doesn’t quite open how you want it to. Would you call a professional to come fix it, or would you try do-it-yourself (DIY)?

There are a lot of tutorials online that can help you solve household problems by yourself. All you need is a computer, some tools and a little initiative. After you fix something, you may realize that DIY can be really fun.

Amy and Kellie are talking about DIY. Find out what Amy needs to fix in today’s English lesson about home projects.


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Amy_L:  So, I’ve been on the Internet, looking at online tutorials, to learn how to do something that’s kind of weird.

Kellie:  Oh, really? Are you getting into DIY?

Amy_L:  How did you know? Yeah.

Kellie:  It’s just so trendy these days. Everybody wants to be an amateur craftsperson or something.

Amy_L:  What I’m doing isn’t that glamorous. I’m trying to figure out how to fix my toilet. It’s doing this weird thing. But I think it’s really great when you can learn a skill, then you can be self-reliant. And then have pride that you fixed something on your own.

Kellie:  I’m not very good at doing things myself. Plus, I don’t have the right tools. So, I always just call a professional to do it. But I think that’s cool that you’re taking the initiative to fix something yourself.

Amy_L:  Yeah, well if there’s anything that you ever need to get fixed, we can research it and figure out how to do it together.

Kellie:  Alright, well, let’s try!


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Amy has been looking at online tutorials to help her figure out how to fix her toilet. She likes to fix things by herself because it gives her pride. She tells Kellie that if she ever needs anything fixed, they can do it together.

Kellie thinks that DIY is very trendy these days, but she doesn’t like to do things by herself. She would rather have a professional fix things for her, because she doesn’t have many tools. However, she agrees that it would be fun for her and Amy to try some DIY together.

Do you like DIY? What have you made?



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yes … there is a lot of fun if you do some diy at home …  but you should have many tools and patience or you will let it and never try to do it .. friends believe if you do some diy at home you will be proud … cause you found a solution for many problemes …

06:29 AM Jul 24 2015 |


South Korea

I don’t like DIY, but I am pretty good at it, which is weird.

I usually do things myself and my husband finds it quiet surprising.

I sometimes want my husband to do it for me, but I am better than he in this aspect.

So I end up doing things on my own.

06:23 AM Jul 24 2015 |




I like DIY , i can do anything with myself especially in an urgent situation

02:00 AM Jul 24 2015 |




I like DIY and I think i inherit it from my mom who likes carpentry a lot .We had made a small cage for birds and a colorful house for our dog.My grandfather is a professional carpentor who made chairs and chest of drawers in a very tradirional way without nail.Although my grandfather passed away but the chairs and bookshelf made by him were still good to use.

La Princesse de la vie


Well, my brothers are kind of amateur craftspersons, they like to try to fix things on their own. I remember two weeks ago, the headphone stopped working properly, and my middle brother volunteered to repair it, he undid it by a screw and started to stir all these wires and other stuff inside, and when he finished, to my amazement, it worked! At least it worked on the computer and till now I have no clue why it doesn’t work on my laptop. But he still did it.

My father also is much of a craftsman, I even think he’s professional. He can do the plumbing, carpentry, painting and most handy professions, I barely remember that we had someone professional at home to mend something, except for electric appliances, he’s not that expert in electricity, but he still tries with the smaller things.

Therefore, I’m not that person, because I don’t need to. I have my brothers and my dad. But I agree it’s fun and rewarding. I may try if I had the chance.

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