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Learn English meaning of 'Everest'

Date: Sep 25 2015

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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There are so many interesting places on Earth. Tourists love going to see the Egyptian pyramids. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia always draws a big crowd, too. But few places are more mysterious and terrifying than Mt. Everest. Still, every year people face their fear and try to climb it.

In the new film “Everest,” which is based on a true story, climbers find themselves in a bad storm on the world’s tallest mountain. The movie will likely keep you on the edge of your seat, so go see it to find out the climbers’ motivation.

Marni and Sara think climbing Mt. Everest would be really scary. What do you think? Find out more in today’s lesson about a new movie.


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Sara_R:  Do you want to go see “Everest” with me? It’s the new film about the team that climbs Mt. Everest.

Marni:  It looks so terrifying to me. And I just have to wonder, why would anyone want to do that?

Sara_R:  Well, if we see the movie, maybe we can find out.

Marni:  Yes. What is the motivation? I guess it’s tackling the impossible dream. Climbing the highest mountain in the world and being able to say you did it. But it just seems so dangerous.

Sara_R:  Well, the trailer made it look so scary.

Marni:  Yeah. So there have been several expeditions, and people have talked about and written about climbing Everest. But I do think it’s that unobtainable goal that people just strive for, so it keeps making interesting movies.

Sara_R:  It is. It’s an exciting topic. And there are going to be some great actors.

Marni:  It’s a really good cast.

Sara_R:  Josh Brolin.

Marni:  Jake Gyllenhaal.

Sara_R:  Keira Knightley. John Hawkes.

Marni:  I feel like the way they filmed it, you’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Sara_R:  OK. Let’s go tonight.

Marni:  It’s a date!


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Sara wants to go see the new movie “Everest.” She thinks if she sees it, maybe she can find out why people would want to do something so dangerous. She is also excited because the movie has a really good cast.

Marni thinks climbing Mt. Everest would be terrifying. She cannot understand why anyone would want to do it. But she does understand people like to do crazy things. So she agrees to see the movie with Sara because she thinks it might be interesting.

Would you like to climb Mt. Everest? Or would you rather just see the movie?



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I didn’t know that Green boot is stil lying dead there, frozen to death in 1996. And everyone is passing him. The ethic of those who want to conquer the mountain is aimed to survive not caring about the others unfortunately. 4 people from 100 die. The cost to climb the mountain is around $ 30,000. What for? To die? To live your friend dying? Only for the sake to top the mountain. I was shocked finding this inf yesterday..

03:03 AM Oct 13 2015 |



Russian Federation

I watched this movie last week. I was really excited, this movie keeps me on the edge of my seat. My girlfriend didn’t understand why people do some crazy actions. I try to explain her that it important to man to achieve new goals (like run marathons, Iron-Man, climb a mountain and etc). I think it’s really important to man to make some things like it.
So i like this film very much. After this film i started think about climbing on a mountain.

07:24 PM Oct 05 2015 |




I just watched this movie last week. I would not like to go for broke to climb Mt. Everest because it is way too risky. 

07:38 AM Oct 05 2015 |



I belive that the Mt. Everest is amazing but my choice ist see the movie.

05:39 PM Sep 27 2015 |

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everyone has a dream ,

some wants to see,climb everest, 

and everyone has a Everest in their dreams,

who they want to conquer it, with love.

09:48 PM Sep 26 2015 |




Jake Gyllenhaal!! He’s everywhere nowadays… even on the Everest. Hopefully he won’t write a complaint letter for not finding KFC on the top of the mountain. Kidding! :)

05:53 PM Sep 26 2015 |


United States

I just bought a short pans  with ” Everest ” brand . lol ….. 

03:09 PM Sep 26 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like to climb Mt.Everest.it’s exciting .But the weather is too cold and icy there.So i would rather to just watch the movie.

07:04 AM Sep 26 2015 |




I would rather watch the movie, but climbing Mt. Everest is not for me. Some people like to do this things, adventures people who like to get adrenaline. 

06:19 PM Sep 25 2015 |



United States

Going place are fun.

11:48 AM Sep 25 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I’m phobic to heights, let alone climbing mountains :D I think I’ll be watching the movie instead :D I liked the crew starring it.

11:08 AM Sep 25 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

This lesson really motivated me to give it a go climbing but as I have not enough courage, money and skill to climb Mt. Everest, I prefer to go and watch the movie to get a little rush of endorphins. I never was a daredevil in my life but always was interested in watching and reading about daredevils.

I think mountain climbers venture themselves in the middle of mountains and rocks to prove themselves that they are strong enough to survive hazardous situations. That’s quite a good approach.

Most daredevils acknowledge that they never knew how powerful they were until they leaved their comfort zone to go on an adventure, Surely such an approach is rewarding and It’s worth the risk.

When we dwell in our comfort zone, we take life for granted. We cannot reach our maximum potentials unless we venture out into the unknowns.

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