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The Walk
The Walk

Learn English meaning of 'The Walk'

Date: Oct 09 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Hobbies, Pop Culture


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What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done? Are you a daredevil? Either way, you have probably never done what the main character in “The Walk” does.

“The Walk” is a new movie based on the man who walked across a cable between the World Trade Center towers in New York. Do you think he did it to prove a point, or just for the thrill? Watch the movie and find out!


daredevil n.


Example Rich was the biggest daredevil in the neighborhood when he was a boy.

cable n.


Example There is a long cable right outside my window.

prove a point expr.


Example He doesn't even like oysters. He's just eating them to prove a point.

thrill n.


Example That rollercoaster was a thrill! Let's do it again!

based on v.


Example The movie Charlie's Angels is based on the TV show from the 1970s and 80s.

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Will you see this movie? Are you a daredevil?


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United States

I love walking but I will not do Titet walking.

01:09 PM Oct 13 2015 |

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South Korea

I am not a daredevil, and I even have a scare of heights, so I could never do anything like the guy who acrossed twin building through only a wire. I am not a big fan of this kind of movie mut would like to see the trailer to see what it looks like. 

02:25 PM Oct 10 2015 |

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I didn’t see that trailer or even heard about it, there are a lot of people in this world have that power and energy to do a dangerous things.

I am not a daredevil I don’t  a strong person to risk my life, but I like this kind of movies.

12:05 PM Oct 10 2015 |




Well,i didn’t see the trailer of the movie,but after this it sounds very interesting and thriling i’d like to watch it!

I don’t know exactly if i’m not a dare devil,but there are some things that i think i can do them,evern they seem to be terrifying,but it woud be so fun and unforgivable,like jumping out of a plane!

08:24 AM Oct 10 2015 |


Russian Federation

I definetly would like to see this movie.

Firstly, the plot sounds really exciting. I love that sort of films, when you just can’t take your eyes off a screen. Although, I’m not a daredevill at all. I don’t like to risk, when it isn’t necessary.

Secondly, Robert Zemeckis is one of my favourite directors. Most part of his films I can watch millions times and still want to watch it again. 

So for me this movie worth for watching :)

11:30 AM Oct 09 2015 |


South Korea

01:32 AM Oct 09 2015 |

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