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Living Off the Grid
Living Off the Grid

Learn English in This Lesson About Living Off the Grid

Date: Apr 14 2020

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Adjectives


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Listen: What’s that sound? It’s nothing! No cars honking, no TVs or electronics, no neighbors talking. If you live off the grid, all you will hear is the sound of silence.

Many people like the idea of living out in the middle of nowhere. You do not have to worry about traffic, crime, or the noise of city life. You can grow your own food and raise animals. You can use natural sources of energy like solar power. However, some people do not want to give up their modern conveniences. Instead of getting water from a faucet, you will have to draw it from a well. Instead of using the restroom, you will have to use an outhouse. You probably won’t have access to the Internet or the TV. And forget about having pizza for dinner, unless you want to drive a long way to get it!

Jessica and Dominique are talking about living off the grid. Find out what they think in this English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  So, my aunt and uncle actually live off the grid, which is really intriguing. I’ve always been fascinated by it, and I don’t know, I think it would be really cool to do.

Dominique:  Word of advice: Don’t do it. I was sort of living off the grid, and if you need the Internet, if you like hot water, if you like solar power anything… you have the sun, but, I mean… no.

Jessica:  Well, it’s not like they have an outhouse, or they’re using well water when they cook. They actually are hooked up to the city’s power and the sewer system, so it doesn’t seem that bad.

Dominique:  OK. I had to drive an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Costco.

Jessica:  Oh my gosh.

Dominique:  Imagine buying ice cream and having to drive back.

Jessica:  I understand wanting modern conveniences, but it’s almost like camping, in a sense. It sounds like you really like your creature comforts.

Dominique:  I hate camping. Not for me.

Jessica:  Oh, I love it! You’re under the stars, and you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Nobody can bother you.

Dominique:  Animals, bugs… not for me.

Jessica:  I think it sounds really cool.


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Jessica is talking about her aunt and uncle, who live off the grid. She thinks the idea is very interesting. She would like to learn more about it. Dominique warns her that living off the grid is not fun. She used to live out in the country and hated having to drive hours to get groceries. She also disliked being without hot water and using an outhouse. Dominique thinks that living off the grid is just not for her.

Jessica understands that it would be hard to live without technology, but she still thinks living out in the country would be fun. It would be a lot like camping, which she loves. However, Dominique hates camping. She is happy with her life in the city.

Do you want to try living off the grid? What are your favorite creature comforts?



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clovieiraSuper Member!


Living off the grid, was the way people live in the past 50 years ago in Brazil in farms and small cities. Nowadays nobody can imagine living without conveniences.

12:14 AM Aug 27 2016 |

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Yeah i’d like i try it!,i think it would be so fun!

07:05 PM Mar 10 2016 |

1 person likes this

joao correia


Sometimes all people for least one day will want to live off the grid, but in my opinion this it not a solution for our problems because as the own article said us its terrible you want hot water or ice cream or TV or many things like convenience that all us like and not have in living off the grid.

01:29 AM Mar 08 2016 |



Dominican Republic

I would like to live like that… That’s my dream!! I’d like to live in a peaceful place where I can walk without fear. I’d like wake up every morning hearing the beardsongs. I’d like to plant trees… I think that this would be fantastic!

09:27 PM Mar 07 2016 |

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La Princesse de la vie


I don’t mind to isolate myself from the noise of modern life from time to time, However I don’t know how it would be like without checking my language sites including e,baby every day like I’m used to.

06:33 PM Mar 07 2016 |

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United States

People are from the country side like to have creature comforts  . People are from big cities like living off the grid  . That is why humans have migrate places to places to suit their style and the cycle has never end . 

03:58 PM Mar 07 2016 |




I try to living of the grid these days.I think it is possible.No TV, no people, no traffic, no noisy.Eveything is ok.

I am camping and meeting new traditional people.I am taking many nature photos.And now, I am planning to go to Izmir in Turkey.I am in Blacksea.I really enjoyed here.

If you want to look my photos follow me on instagram.


You should try off the grid. ;)

08:50 AM Mar 07 2016 |

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