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Shoe Shopping
Shoe Shopping

Learn clothing English in this lesson about 'shoe shopping'

Date: Mar 09 2020

Themes: Fashion, Hobbies, Work


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How many pairs of shoes do you have? These days, people need different shoes for different things. If you live in a rainy place, you need boots. If you live somewhere warm, you need sandals. For a special event, you will need dress shoes. Some people love to buy high-end shoes. Some people even have enough shoes to make a collection! Other people just need something to cover their feet. What about you?


dress shoes n.


Example If you go to a wedding, you should wear dress shoes.

high-end adj.


Example Sandra's parents are super rich, so she always wears high-end clothes.

boots n.


Example You should wear boots if it is raining outside.

sandals n.


Example I need a new pair of sandals for my trip to Hawaii.

collection n.


Example My mom has a huge elephant collection. She has elephants in every size and color!

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Do you own a lot of shoes? What is your favorite shoe brand?


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Saudi Arabia


01:40 PM Apr 17 2016 |



United States

I love shoe shopping.

08:46 PM Apr 14 2016 |



ohh, a  brand shoulndn t be important, when you need new shoes

Much more important is…....the shoe is comfortable. Many ppl. special women have problems with their dactylo…because they have chosen wrong shoes

last but not least

I call ppl stupid, when they buy more than 10 pair of shoes, as long as people die in our world, because they haven t food or water to survive….....

I have seen the shoes of Mrs Markos…........ they should hang her, due to that reason, because the Fillipinos had to work for her hobby. and many of her compatriots also passed away, due to hunger…... grrrrrrrrrr

02:26 PM Apr 13 2016 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


I only buy shoes that I need ! for practicality ! But still I go for high end brand ! Sometimes I order from the Amazon ;) my favorite brand is Adidas ! They are really comfortable


ola3Super Member!


Boots, shoes you name it… i love fancy comfortable shoes. The brands that proved to be my favourite ones are Juicy Couture, Harsh Puppies and Adidas. Not much of high-end, but extremely comfy and affordable. I also prefer wedge boots that make a shoe more stable and walkable.




I Get more benefit from this particular lesson .

for answering the tow question I need someone came and see what I have in my Cupboard Shoes ؟؟

you didn’t find any kind of BRAND may be some slippers and one Football boot for my exercise .

the simplicity is my ADDRESS .

be simple Wink

09:09 AM Apr 13 2016 |




Today’s topic is right up my alley! I do own quite a collection of shoes. How many pairs? Well , I rather keep that number on the down low :) My most prized possession is a pair of black Calvin Klein leather high heels. I truly have a love affair with that particular pair of high heels. Whenever I wear them, my posture, my height and the way I walk changes. Yes, I glow in my Calvins :)) 

Other than that I don’t go after high-end brands or any brands in particular. I have to like the style, the color and the heel heights. If a shoe lifts me physically a n d emotionally I just have to have it. (paraphrasing Christian Louboutin) And isn’t it that a woman is only fully dressed if she wears a smile   a n d  the right pair of shoes ?? :)



My favourite shoe brand is Nike. I love how they use the latest technology and produce the most high end shoes. That comes with a big price tag though.

04:16 AM Apr 13 2016 |



No. I don’t own a lot of shoes now. But I ever own many shoes many years ago when I was a girl. I am not interest in the brand of the shoe. Only I care about the shoes whether are comfort or not now.

I ever had all kinds of shoes: of high-heel, of flat-heel, of leather, of sports, of job, and so on…there need much time to take care of them. I have much time when I was a girl.

But now, I only have the shoes of flat-heel and only need  comfort shoes to walk.

I don’t care about the brand of the shoes. Maybe my shoes are very cheap but very comfort. Maybe they are little expensive but very comfort. Maybe they are the famous brand and maybe they are not.

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