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Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Learn English Meaning of 'Bernie Sanders'

Date: Mar 18 2016

Themes: Celebrity, News

Grammar: Direct vs. Reported Speech


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In the United States, election season is an exciting time. People want to see many changes happen with the economy, jobs, and education system in the United States. Bernie Sanders is running to be the Democratic candidate for president of the United States, and many people think he is shaking up the election.

Bernie Sanders was born in New York City and went to the University of Chicago. Even as a young man, Bernie Sanders cared about equal rights for all people. Young Americans are fans of his policies because they want better healthcare, free college education, and more job opportunities. Bernie Sanders wants to support families and break up big banks. His main opponent in the Democratic election is Hillary Clinton.

Andy and Brian are talking about Bernie. Find out what they think about him in today’s English lesson.


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Brian:  Hey Andy, I know we were talking about the election coming up. How do you feel about Bernie Sanders?

Andy_H:  Oh, let me tell you Brian, I feel the Bern. Now, I know tons of people are saying, “Well he would be the oldest president ever elected,” and I’ve got to admit, when I see him walk out onto a stage, he does have a little hump in his back. You can tell that this guy, he has been around for a long time. But man am I a fan of his policies.

Brian:  Yeah, I really like the way he speaks to the issues, and I’m really impressed that he refuses to use smear tactics. And that there’s no corporate interests in his policies. He’s actually running a homegrown campaign, which is all from citizens.

Andy_H:  And I have to say that’s where my respect for Bernie Sanders comes from is… I think he’s the first politician in a long time that doesn’t care about trying to woo the public. He cares about wanting to get things done. And as somebody who is just starting out in the work force, I want to see somebody that wants to work for me and not somebody that wants to work for Washington.

Brian:  I’ll say it’s very interesting, him as a candidate, it seems to be shaking up this election.

Andy_H:  He really is.


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Brian is asking Andy how he feels about Bernie Sanders. Brian really likes Bernie Sanders and is impressed that Bernie does not use smear tactics in his campaign. He thinks Bernie cares about the citizens of the United States and is not influenced by corporate interests.

Andy respects Bernie Sanders because Bernie is not trying to woo the public. He thinks Bernie wants to make many good changes in America, like helping young people get jobs. He wants a president that will help him have a good life, not a president that cares about helping big companies.

Have you heard of Bernie Sanders? What do you think of his policies?



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Only not Hillary!!!

09:38 PM Mar 20 2016 |



It’s the first time I heard about Bernie Sanders. Like most of others I heard a lot about Donald Trump. 

Hilary or Bernie, I hope Democratics win the election as for the sake of the World as Republicans seem useless for a peaceful world. They even deny Climate Change. How come? 

Obama said “I know Donald Trump is going to lose. Because I believe in Americans. ” 

We’ll wait and see.

02:53 PM Mar 20 2016 |





09:42 AM Mar 20 2016 |



Thanks for sharing


07:40 AM Mar 19 2016 |



United States

I will vote for him

03:20 PM Mar 18 2016 |




Bernie or Hillary,  what are the odds ? it looks as though that Hillary Clinton will be the candidate for the Democratic Party. If common sense prevails should be the next president of the United States. Astonishingly , Donald Trump  is attracting large audiences and support to his diatribas against undocumented immigrants and muslims. Bernie wants a change and is against greedy corporate moguls. Tough job for a president that dares to go against the prevalent policies of Republicans : More money for the rich and hunger for the rest of the society.

01:19 PM Mar 18 2016 |

andreia silva


Well what can i say… i am looking for to see Hilary as a president of USA.

12:17 PM Mar 18 2016 |




Sorry, never heard of him.

11:03 AM Mar 18 2016 |




unfortunatelly i have never heard of Bernie Sanders. as i see, description of himself on the listening part above, his policies seem to be very succesfull and he will be able to succeed indeed. by the way, i ask if he would be join the future election directly or he would be support to the Clinton policies ?

 i am glad if got any reply above quesiton of mine.

 keep in touch…

08:56 AM Mar 18 2016 |



I like Bernie, he has made many good points. He first has to deal with Hillary, and than with Donald trump.
I don’t like it when Donald trump wins the election, I saw on Television someone who brings hate. I am a little bit affraid about his ideas. And I don’t like how he talks about women. To me he looks like a very angry, frustrated man. I think, That he is not someone for politics, he will bring a lot of trouble and anger, and at least will achieve nothing.

08:36 AM Mar 18 2016 |

joao correia


I didn’t hear a lot of Bernies Sanders yet,  but I think that he is a big opposite from Donald Trump in the elections of United States.

I think that Donald Trump will win this election or woman Hilary Clinton could to win I don’t know let’s wait for see.

01:42 AM Mar 18 2016 |

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