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Learn English meaning of 'Marvel'

Date: May 20 2016

Themes: Pop Culture


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Do you read comic books? Marvel is a company that writes comic books about people who can do inspiring things. Some people can fly. Other people are very strong. One person can climb walls! Marvel also makes movies about these fantastical people. Marvel released the first Captain America movie in 2011. Now there is a new Captain America movie coming out. Andy and Gary are very excited!


inspiring adj.


Example The characters in the movie were very inspiring because they were able to do so much.

comic books n.


Example I loved comic books when I was a kid. I had all the X-Men comics.

fantastical adj.


Example My sister's drawings are always of fantastical animals.

release v.


Example We are going to release our CD next month.

come out v.


Example When is the new Madonna video going to come out? I want to see it!

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What kind of movies do you like? Will you see the new Captain America movie?


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joao correia


I read comic books every day when I was a child until youngest, but now I don’t know the  why I don’t like more superheroes I prefer normal characters without powers.

I won’t see the new Captain America movie for while who knows after.

01:45 AM May 22 2016 |

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ana karnia

ana karnia

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Unfortunately these movies have lots of harsh scenes. They affect kid’s behavior. I used to watch them, but now I don’t like them.

06:13 PM May 21 2016 |



ı think, all kind of super heroes are created from high imagination…they have unbelievable powers,abilities.they can fly,climb…they are extra strong,smart,attractive ..maybe its an illusion that we like to watch them ..maybe they take us to another world with exciting adventures ..

and finally, they save us,our blue earth from bad people ,devils,alliens  ...

ı like to watch them :) 

10:57 AM May 21 2016 |

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movies which talk about an ancient story ,

Movies techniques which tell about how the science are go forward and the techniques of computer became the judge in the world ,

no i didn’t seen the new Captain America movie yet

10:54 AM May 21 2016 |



I’dont like films about superheroes because are schmatic and predictable. I prefer thrillers and surrealist movie. Film who can startle me is a god film.

03:45 PM May 20 2016 |

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I’m in between sci fi such as Avengers, Captain America and movies without any action except of emotional one. Sometimes you can watch a three hour duration movies without even a gun shot and you don’t sleep a wink. But of course Marvel ideas are always full of nowelties which attracts me a lot.

12:04 PM May 20 2016 |



I like comic and horror movies. I would love to see captain America movie

06:10 AM May 20 2016 |



   I like the comedy movies or cartoon movies too. But I have never seen the captain America movies.

   What most favorite movies I have seen are produced by Benshan Zhao. Even though many people have objection to him, I still love his the series of the love of village .

Maybe some people would say what the aim of the producer of movies is just milking for all its worth, but what then? What does the matter?  It can’t deny the joy that bring to people.

Some ones said that movies were some ordinary. But the lives of the most  people were just so. It just reflect the actual lives.

Recent years I begin to see the cartoon with my daughter such as <Boonie Bears>,<pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf>.

01:57 AM May 20 2016 |

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