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Unusual Hair Colors
Unusual Hair Colors

Learn English meaning of 'unusual hair colors'

Date: Sep 05 2016

Themes: Fashion, Hobbies

Grammar: Relative Pronouns


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Sometimes, when a person wants to make a statement, they make a drastic change in their life. Maybe, they go on a diet and change the shape of their body. Maybe, they get interesting piercings. Maybe, they buy a different wardrobe. Maybe, they cut their hair in a fresh style. Or maybe, they make a drastic change when they use dye to change the color of their hair. A new hair color can make a strong statement about a person.

Many people dye their hair, but few people are willing to dye their hair in an unusual color like blue, green, or pink. Why is this? First, these colors are very vibrant, and perhaps people are afraid of these colors. Second, people might worry that the color will not turn out well, and that other people will laugh. Third, a person must moisturize their hair every day after dyeing it, and this is too much work for most people.

Marni is shocked when she sees Jordin’s new hair color. Listen to this English lesson to find out what Jordin thinks about her own drastic change.


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Jordin:  Hey, Marni.

Marni:  Oh my goodness! Your hair… it’s pink!

Jordin:  Yeah, I know. It is pink. Do you like it?

Marni:  I do, but, wow. That’s a pretty drastic change. Are you worried about damaging your hair at all?

Jordin:  Not really. I used a really natural kind of dye that my stylist gave me, so I think it’s going to turn out pretty well. And she gave me some leave-in conditioner to help moisturize it.

Marni:  I mean, it looks pretty vibrant right now, but you have that really important job interview in two weeks. Do you really think that pink hair is the most professional look?

Jordin:  I think it says something really cool about a person if they’re willing to do that and make a statement about who they are through their wardrobe or hair choices. I think it’ll be just fine, especially today. Everyone has tattoos and piercings. Dyeing your hair is the least of it.

Marni:  OK, well, if you feel confident with it, then good luck. It’s pretty cute. I will say that.

Jordin:  Thanks.


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There’s something different about Jordin today. She has made a drastic change. Her hair is now a vibrant shade of… pink! Marni can’t believe it! She agrees that it’s cute, but she is a little worried about Jordin’s new color. Marni asks Jordin several questions about her decision to dye to change her hair color.

Jordin is happy with her new color. She’s willing to try to new things to make a statement about herself. Other people change their wardrobe or get piercings, but Jordin thinks dyeing her hair will turn out to be a good idea. She even thinks it will help her with a job interview in two weeks.

Do you dye your hair? Why or why not?



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Hmm, I have dyed my hair before but with usual color. To be honest, i don’t have a courage to dye with such unsusal colors like pink or blue as it’s not common over here. But that’s cool and crazy really. It’s like Jordin doeasn’t care at all about the community and what people might say or cooment about her. she just wanna express herself in the way she feels it . .. that’s what we call the positive attitude . .. fine, I don’t dye my hair with unusual colors but still I express myself in very good and usual ways that are more acceptable here.  
Thanks for the lesson. (y) Much appreciated . .. :) 

03:00 PM Sep 07 2016 |

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I never don’t dye my hair. İn my opinion, men who dying tehir hair don’t look nice.

But I have one friend who is from Tom. His favourtie colour is blue. He maybe dye his hair to blue. :) 

11:05 AM Sep 06 2016 |




I don’y dye my hair because my black hair seems natural to me and I like it as such

05:19 PM Sep 05 2016 |




Life is  dilemna.We want to be same with others sometimes and we want to be different than others sometimes.Each unusual behaviors,words,wearing are a message for expressing ” I’m different ” ” I’m special..unique.” with unusual clothes,piercings,tattoos,hair colors,nail paintings,make up …

but society,family,religion,school and workplace stop these unusual changings,challenges many times with forcing.and its permitted only to youngers,teenagers usually .

04:57 PM Sep 05 2016 |


Russian Federation

Hi all!

I dye my hair once a month. It’s very hard now to stop this process, because it’s look unkept when it grows back.

03:20 PM Sep 05 2016 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

I really do dye my hair but not with unusual colors I stick to blond or brown hair color I think it is cool to change your hair color it gives you a good feeling if ofcourse you like the new color but dye the hait also may damage the hair so that I just dye my hair once a year to keep my hair healthy and long 

09:04 AM Sep 05 2016 |

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When I were a student,I tried to dye my hair.But the doctor said that dyeing hair is bad for body.In my opinion:in order to my body health,reducing hair is very important.

08:35 AM Sep 05 2016 |

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i nver get the piercings but it is really nice idea for me but i didint use it till nw might be becaause i am afraid of using it , but i do alwayes use dye to change my hair color i do like the red and the purple colr it is really make drastic change

07:40 AM Sep 05 2016 |

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