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Learn English meaning of 'Breatharianism'

Date: Oct 26 2016

Themes: Health, Hobbies, News

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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Have you ever tried a fad diet? Most fad diets promise you amazing results, but they have lots of rules. For example, if you eat only watermelon for five days, you’ll lose ten pounds. Or maybe, if you consume only foods with a yellow color, you’ll never be sick again. When the fad diet is over, most people feel exhausted by all of the rules!

Breatharianism is a popular topic on the internet nowadays. Instead of counting calories, a Breatharian is a person who consumes no food and no water. Breatharians believe they can replenish their bodies just by breathing air and meditating. Other people are not buying it. In fact, they think it’s dangerous and absurd. How can a human be sustained by only air?

Marni has decided to try Breatharianism for a while. Listen to this English lesson to find out why Marni’s new diet makes Andy very unhappy.


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Marni:  Andy, I have been trying this new way of living. Breatharianism. Do you know anything about it?

Andy_H:  Oh, no. My cousin Phil literally just told me about Breatharianism. Sorry, but there’s no calories in the air. I’m not buying it.

Marni:  I will admit I am very hungry, but I’m trying this whole new way of approaching the universe and the world. It’s all just based on prana, which is the idea that you can be sustained from everything in the universe. The life force of the universe will give you what you need.

Andy_H:  OK. I’m just going to let you know, first of all, that’s absurd. I like to work out and when you do, you burn calories. You need to consume things so that you can replenish what makes your body. I mean, it just seems like a really dangerous fad diet to me.

Marni:  Well, I haven’t been working out. I’ve been doing a lot of meditating, a lot of deep breathing. I’ve consumed a little water in the past few days, but that’s about it. I do feel sort of amazing and sort of exhausted, and I’d really just like to eat a pizza.


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Marni has stopped eating food. She heard about an idea called Breatharianism. The rules are simple. Don’t consume food or water. Spend lots of time meditating. Soon, her body will start to replenish itself from air instead of from calories. After learning that Marni is trying to be a Breatharian, Andy is in shock. He thinks Breatharianism is an absurd fad diet.

Andy tells Marni that she needs calories to live. Since there are no calories in air, her body can’t be sustained by the air she breathes. Marni does admit that she’s exhausted and hasn’t been working out. Instead, she spends her time meditating and deep breathing. She’s had a little bit of water to drink and nothing to eat, so she’s already dreaming of a nice big pizza.

Have you ever tried a fad diet? Have you ever tried meditating and working out?



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when you eat the last slice of cake in the fridge and want more :) no Breatharians and no meditating

10:46 PM Oct 27 2016 |

gresanpu6981Super Member!


Firstly, you need to ask yourself. what I want to do a diet for?? if your answers is lose weight and to look pretty sooo…. breatharianism is NOT your one. breatharianism talks about meditating and we are not breatharian and we will never be it, because we’re lazy people that we want to get things quick and without effort.

It’s quite difficult to keep a GOOD diet, but try it don’t matter how many time you leave it. SLOW PROGRESS IS BETTER THAN NO PROGRESS. :) LET’S WORK OUT!!! 

05:00 PM Oct 27 2016 |




i have a diet schedule that i created myself… soon it will be a fad diet.it is name GREYFURT :) How long are you on diet for ??  it’s just for 3 days a mont…You will be hungry with greyfurt for three days per mont and then  the end of a year you’re always younger than your friends…sometimes it’s better  to be hungry for body

05:34 PM Oct 26 2016 |

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I have never tried a fad diet. Meditating and working out ? why not !! ,but this new trend called breatharianism- as Marni is telling Andy- she should better stay away  and leave it to skinny Hindu yogis living in a cave in the Himalayas. I believe that some diets that literally condemn you to die of hunger are not beneficial. Our body afterward takes revenge and you start gaining more weight than you can think of. Marni, eat that pizza, go to the gym and enjoy life.

01:44 PM Oct 26 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


Seems to be interesting. Not sure can do it. Mostly for yoga breathers, I think. But I’m on a peanut ‘diet’. Whenever I’m hungry, just eat one peanut and I’m good. Plus peanuts have got some components that have been found in Red wine and grapes – antiaging stuff. So I’m forever young:)

12:58 PM Oct 26 2016 |




In my opinion,this is something what a physical working body can´t take any longer becouse it´ll be so exhausted and very dangerous for living.

To be a breatharian can be any human who has nothing to do with a physical work..Just meditate whole day,whole night…But for the rest of us…who hunt,work,active live and protect our families the eating some decent calories is necessary to replanish our bodies not from the air,but from the food.

06:21 AM Oct 26 2016 |


Russian Federation

Totally agree with Andy fad diet is absurd. There is a need to replenish what makes your body. 

From my perspective any diets should be with calories. The thing is you should figure out the right quantity of them. 

03:43 AM Oct 26 2016 |



As a person born into this world, you are an element of this universe. The universe provides you with life energy, e. g. air, water, vegetables and animals, etc. to live on (to exist).

When you practice breathing or meditation, you are consuming less life energy than usual. You could not live without breathing for more than 3 minutes but you could undergo without water for 3 days.

It is known that an ancient Chinese could live daily with only a grain of sesame as he practiced breathing (yoga) and mediation! Well, if you wish to be a super model you would keep a diet. But if you wish to be an olympic champion, you should follow your doctor´s advice.

You are what you eat! In our modern life it would be advisable to listen to the scientists, medical doctors and dieticians. But remember to exercise yourself every day as mobility/movement is the very essence of all that exist in the universe!



   No. I never have tried a fad diet. I agree to Andy.

   I would think the meditating is good, it has no matter with fad diet about breatharianism. I have no way to think that one person can not eat food and drink water to live for long time. It is absurd in my thought. I can’t believe that.

   But I know meditating is good to one’s thought and mood. It can adjust one’s feeling and relax one’s pressure.

  Maybe one day I would try it.

02:05 AM Oct 26 2016 |

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