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Date: May 24 2018

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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Women pull each other down all the time…. The boys come together, like bromance. Why can’t girls do it, too?

—Actress Priyanka Chopra, speaking about feminism (Refinery29.com)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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close friendship between men

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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When you think of the phrase best friends, you probably think of two women. However, men can be best friends, too. Men bond over a lot of different things. They might become friends because they work together or because they like the same sports team. Perhaps, they both love driving a truck or playing an instrument. They might make friends over food or even a favorite brand of beer! Sometimes, it can be mysterious to women how a bromance forms. It is a little strange to us that men can make friends just by watching football together! However, one thing is for sure… male friendships are just as strong as female friendships.

The word bromance comes from two English words, brother and romance. We use it to describe a close male friendship. Men who have a bromance might not talk on the phone a lot. They might not even see each other that often. But when they do get together, they are inseparable, just like brothers! Actress Priyanka Chopra thinks that women are not as nice to each other as men are. She says that women like to criticize each other, but men treat other men like brothers. She believes that maybe, women should start treating each other like sisters, too!

Do you have a best friend?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Ken, Lou, and Mark have a bromance that their girlfriends don’t understand. “

“My husband and my brother-in-law formed a bromance over watching football together.”

“We are such good friends! I hope our boyfriends will get to know each other and have a bromance, too.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Friendship between men.
by La Princesse de la vie
a2020 Like brothers.
by a2020
julito1 Getting along nicely
by julito1
Bromance, not a totally intimate relationship, A friendly relationship
by Therealbret

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This texto has a lot of stereotype, like the things that men does and things that woman does. Why talk about sport team/driving a truck, playing a instrument, etc. Two mens can have a bromance if they like the same book, the same soapopera, etc. Perhaps the text is good, it cointains a big sterotype about the ideia what is a man.

04:04 PM May 24 2018 |

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Hie hermitlady.

I’m complete agree with your comments.

Keep in touch. 8-)

01:22 PM May 24 2018 |

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…… Yes.  I have.  Who doesn’t have a good friend?


I have different good friends since childhood.  the friends in different periods  were  different meanings  for me.

  I had a  playmate named a who were my friends the same time when I was a child before school.  Those time we were playing together everyday even when we were the students we played after school.  We were not at the same school because of the ages. I am three years older than she.  Our friendship lasted until I graduated from high school. Then we seldom communicated. She left junior middle school to word.  But when I remember her I still feel warm.


  I had another friend named b when I became a primary student.  we were at the same class ,sometime we were deskmates.  We could study  together in the school ,and discussed some learning problems. Our friendship continues to this day.  we usually date to have lunch or dinner together with our family.


  I had the third friend name C when I went to junior high. C  was a beautiful girl ,so usually there were boys who wrote lover letter to her. But I was not jealous at all. I was a little proud for I have a beautiful friend. We were playing in the middle classes or went to bathroom together. Sometimes I could go to her home for dinner.  Our friendship became weaker since she married.  It also had something to do with her going to work after junior middle school.


D was my best friend when I was at high middle school.  She transferred to our high middle school halfway.  She gave me much helps and encouragements.  Especially after my father was gone.  She also was a beautiful girl.  The same time a boy E became our friend . I knew he liked D. but they all gave me much much help. Now we are constant contact and all had our own family.


  F was my good friend in college.  She married a boy far away after graduation. We had the same opinions in love . we usually discuss the problems about loving until this day.  now she was a two children’s mom.  I really hope she were happy all the time.



06:57 AM May 24 2018 |

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hofpilsSuper Member!


Is the voice computer-generated now?

04:47 AM May 24 2018 |

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I have a friend, indeed, we dont see each other frequently however he is alike my brother!

09:29 AM May 03 2017 |

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ola3Super Member!


I think it’s equal on both sides. It’s a dog-eats- dog world. Competition is everywhere, so men can pull each other down pretty hard.

03:39 AM Oct 21 2016 |

gresanpu6981Super Member!


I could say I have best friends… I have those kind of best friends that we dont talk each other that often, but when we chat we dont lose our bromance.  I think men could treat other men because we are simple. we look for fun and share our hobbies

However, women are diferent at all than men, they think a lot and it might become a trouble.

05:10 PM Oct 20 2016 |



Bromance is not for me, i hate make friemds and bond tight friendship wth people

06:11 AM Oct 20 2016 |

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