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Ebaby!'s 500th Instagram Post
Ebaby!'s 500th Instagram Post

Learn English meaning of 'Instagram'

Date: Oct 10 2016

Themes: Hobbies, News, Party, Tech

Grammar: Adverbs


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Hooray! Let’s celebrate! Why? If you follow English, Baby! on Instagram, then you know we just shared post number 500. This is a landmark! Milestones like this one don’t happen every day, so it’s a great reason for fanfare. In fact, we made a special post with a special question for post number 501. Take a look!

We are so happy to help you learn English online. We love using edutainment to teach you cool words and useful grammar. Sheila, our Instagram star, sends everyone a huge hello. Thank you from all of us at English, Baby! Let’s continue learning together all the way to post number 1,000!

Gary and Andy are talking about this big milestone. Listen to this English lesson to find out what they think about English, Baby!’s Instagram content.


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Gary:  If I’m counting this correctly…

Andy_H:  Yeah?

Gary:  And I really think I am…

Andy_H:  Oh yeah?

Gary:  This is so exciting…

Andy_H:  Oh yeah?

Gary:  English, Baby!’s 500th post!

Andy_H:  500th post! Isn’t it incredible?

Gary:  On Instagram!

Andy_H:  What a landmark! I mean, 500! That’s five one hundreds! Oh my gosh!

Gary:  This is a landmark post!

Andy_H:  This is a social media frenzy. I mean, here’s the thing. It’s been an incredible ride thus far. We’ve been able to promote so much awesome content and our audiences are loving it, clearly. And we’ve gotten 500 posts on Instagram. I just, I can’t say that enough. 500 posts on Instagram!

Gary:  I’ve seen so many Instagram accounts celebrate their milestones like this. There’s just so much fanfare around these numbers of five hundred, one thousand…

Andy_H:  Just wait, we’re going to have to bring the fireworks for that, but you know the real awesome part? This is 500 posts about edutainment.

Gary:  It’s true! I was just thinking that.

Andy_H:  You don’t see that a lot. And I just want to stress, one last time, 500 posts!

Gary:  500 posts!


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Gary has been counting each English, Baby! post on Instagram, and he has big news. Do you know what it is? It’s a landmark... 500 posts on Instagram! It’s exciting! It’s incredible! It’s awesome! Gary knows that milestones like this one mean it’s time to celebrate with much fanfare.

Andy is also happy about this, but he wants to stress something about English, Baby!’s content. It’s not only education. It’s not only entertainment. It’s edutainment! Andy is proud to promote content that can help people learn and laugh. He says it’s been a lot of fun thus far, and the future will be even better.

What was your last big landmark? Did you celebrate it with lots of fanfare?



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La Princesse de la vie


Happy 500-posts-on-Instagram day E, baby!

E,baby is one of my favourite websites for learning English. I’m happy to be part of this and I intend to be here while celebrating the one-thousand-posts day :D

Thank you English, baby :)

07:20 PM Oct 10 2016 |



 Oh, I almost have no memory about my last big landmark. Oh no. how long I have no big landmark?

  If it has to have one, I think it was when I became a mother. It is my biggest landmark of my life.

  Yes, I ever celebrated it with lots of fanfare. In my heart, I was so excited that I wanted to sing all time thought I knew the responsibility of a mother is heavy. In addition, our all family were happy that we all had more one member.


  About Ebaby!, I would thought I knew it very long. But I couldn’t remember when I knew it first. It seems there was several years. And between these years, I didn’t open it for so long time because of my child.



05:51 AM Oct 10 2016 |




My last landmark was ma 30-th birthday ….but I don’t like the fanfare,so I celebrated it without it, but still in a great style.

02:29 AM Oct 10 2016 |

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