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Cooking Shows
Cooking Shows

Learn English meaning of 'cooking shows'

Date: Nov 28 2016

Themes: Celebrity, Food, Health, Hobbies


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TV cooking shows are very popular. Why? You can watch chefs make gourmet food. You can learn new cooking techniques. You can see different cuisines from different countries. You can discover recipes and ingredients that you don’t know about.

In this English lesson, you’ll learn more about TV cooking shows like Master Chef, Top Chef, and Cupcake Wars. Millions of people watch these shows. Dominique loves cooking shows, but does Andy love them too?


gourmet adj.


Example That restaurant serves only gourmet food. It's amazing.

cuisine n.


Example I like French cuisine because it contains so many good sauces and it's not too spicy.

ingredient n.


Example In my mom's french onion soup, the most important ingredient is cheese.

recipe n.


Example My mother has a great recipe for meatloaf.

technique n.


Example He's reading a book about the best technique to catch a fish.

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What are your favorite recipes and ingredients? Do you watch cooking shows on TV?


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Syrian Arab Republic

Yes I like watching cooking shows and now as I am a new housewife I have to learn more about cooking so I try new recipes and follow these shows.

01:13 AM Nov 29 2016 |





To be honest I’m not the person to cook often. Maybe once per week. It doesn’t mean I don’t like cooking, in fact, it implies I can’t. It can be one possible reason that I don’t like cooking shows.

Oh God. Just imagining of chipping piece of onion in the kitchen, makes my tears to fall down automatically. It’s terrifying!! I can’t even stand on its smell. But I can eat it :))

Anyhow, the last cooking show that I can barely remember was come back to several years before when I was in Iran. I was watching TV with my mum, switching TV channels and we suddenly stopped on cooking TV show. Off course, I changed the channel soon after of convincing her.

How come!!

There are plenty of amazing program in the TV which we can be watched and enjoyed them. Why cooking show!!! I’m not totally into it. 

God thanks. There is a new brand device named “Thermomixer”. It actually saved my life. My wife cooks very well by the use of that and we enjoy eating them. Thank you to the related productive company and big thanks to my wife as well. :))

01:13 AM Nov 29 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


I’m passionate about ‘craftsy’ now. Enrolled in a couple of food courses there – stews around the world and salads. And the recent hype was about a stir-fry and cooking in a wok. Can’t wait to start it. The idea that vitamins are preserved in a quick stir-fry motions excites me. May be this time I can pull my favourite Singapore noodle dish off.

01:08 AM Nov 29 2016 |



In the past cooking was not so important for me. I liked to cook but I never spent so much energy and time for that. But since I  start to cook for someone then it starts to be important for me too. I research every day what can I cook , I check recipes and ingredients. I like to figure out new and different cuisines. And shows or videos for cooking sometime can help and nowadays I enjoy and give them more pay attention. Bon appetit. 

01:07 AM Nov 29 2016 |

La Princesse de la vie


I like to try new recipes every once in a while, although they’re not successful once most times. I do like cooking TV shows.

06:30 PM Nov 28 2016 |

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