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Learn English meaning of 'clowns'

Date: Nov 09 2016

Themes: Hobbies, News, Party


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What is a clown?

To some people, a clown is a happy, funny person in a wig. Clowns are harmless. They work at the circus and at parties, and they only want to make you laugh.

Other people think a clown in a wig and face paint is not hilarious. To these people, clowns are creepy and bad. If someone is very afraid of clowns, they have a clown phobia.


phobia n.


Example Sorry, I can't go caving with you. I have a phobia of small spaces.

hilarious adj.


Example That new Adam Sandler movie is hilarious! I loved it! I laughed during the whole movie!

creepy adj.


Example I heard these creepy noises last night. Do you think it might have been a ghost?

Example Ellen broke up with Chris but he keeps calling her and begging her to take him back. It's kind of creepy.

Example Be careful when you leave because there are a lot of creepy people in this area.

wig n.


Example I bought a black wig to wear on Halloween.

harmless adj.


Example Marc acts tough, but he's really harmless.

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Do you have a phobia of something? What do you think is creepy?


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12:28 PM Nov 14 2017 |


ola3Super Member!


Clowns will bring a negative connotation for those who watched the movie based in Steven King book ’’it’’ where the creepy clown was the main villain of the story. And the same genre movies jumped on the vagon by portraying clowns as not the kindest and entertaining characters. So the image is kinda brainwashed our minds – clowns! Beware! Unfortunately that’s how the propaganda works making people suspicious who about dwells under the cover of a supposedly friendly character.

04:38 AM Nov 14 2016 |

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United Arab Emirates

I don’t have phobia of claws but I don’t like ppl in such masks cuz u can’t see real face of person n they remind u hypocrisy ppl

08:19 AM Nov 11 2016 |

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