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Food Allergies
Food Allergies

Learn English meaning of 'Food Allergies'

Date: Dec 19 2016

Themes: Food, Health

Grammar: Passive Voice


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What’s your favorite kind of food? How do you feel when you eat it? Most people feel happy when they eat their favorite food. But for other people, it’s sometimes a problem. If you have an issue with specific ingredients, for example, eating those things will make you sick. Common allergens include peanuts, preservatives, and milk.

A person with food allergies has to be very careful about what they eat. They must always read the ingredients first. Buying foods that are local, organic, and GMO-free can also help. There are many useful websites that have information about how to stay healthy. It’s even possible now to shop online for an amazing and safe spread!

Gary offers Dominique some food, but she’s afraid it will make her sick. Listen to this English lesson to find out why he thinks she should give it a go.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Gary:  What do you think of this spread?

Dominique:  Is it organic or GMO-free?

Gary:  Some of it is. Is that okay?

Dominique:  I’m allergic to a lot of different preservatives, so I can’t have aspartame, dextrose, soy…

Gary:  Oh, man. What about organic things, like coconut oil? Is that OK?

Dominique:  I can have coconut oil.

Gary:  OK.

Dominique:  I can’t have chocolate.

Gary:  You’re going to love this then! I actually have some coconut-based milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Dominique:  You’re lying.

Gary:  No, totally serious! It’s made from a local maker here, it’s so good, and it’s going to be your dessert tonight. I’ll put the whole bar aside for you.

Dominique:  I’m slightly afraid, but I haven’t had chocolate in 15 years so I’ll give it a go. But, um, I might need you to take me to the hospital after this.

Gary:  No, allergens are a serious issue, I totally understand that. I have a number of friends who can’t eat a number of specific types of things. I know, based on the ingredients... well, let’s have you read it, and then we’ll go from there.

Dominique:  OK, thanks.

Gary:  Awesome!


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Dominique has an issue with food. There are specific kinds of food that make her sick. Soy, chocolate, and preservatives, for example, are things that Dominique can’t eat. Because of this, she hasn’t eaten chocolate for many years. If only she could find coconut-oil based chocolate! Unless the main ingredients are organic or GMO-free, Dominique can’t eat it. Luckily, her friend Gary might have a solution.

Gary knows that allergens can be a real problem, since he has other friends who have the same issue with food as Dominique does. Gary wants Dominique to be able to enjoy at least some of the spread, so he offers her some local chocolate. If she is OK with the ingredients, he’ll save a chocolate bar for her. Dominique is still a little worried about allergens, but she agrees to give it a go and see what happens.

Do you like to eat local food and organic food? Is there any specific food you don’t eat?



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ı dont have any allergy to any food but ı dont like some food especially mashrooms because of bad experience in my childhood,and Im very weak when ı got alcohol ,its not an allergy but it makes me drunken easily if ı drink much ,more than two glasses,

12:14 PM Dec 19 2016 |

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