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Food-Waste Restaurants
Food-Waste Restaurants

Learn English meaning of 'Food-Waste Restaurants'

Date: Mar 13 2017

Themes: Food, Hobbies, News

Grammar: Passive Voice


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Sometimes, we buy food and forget to eat it. A banana, for example, will turn black and gross in about a week. Then, we must throw it away. We waste a lot of good food doing this, and so do restaurants and stores. But what if there were a way to still use food after its sell-by date?

Now, there’s a new idea for recycling food. A food-waste restaurant makes old food into something tasty. This special restaurant gets expired food from other places and quickly cooks it before it can rot. These restaurants want to turn food waste into gourmet meals. This idea won’t feed every starving person in the world, but it might be a good first step.

Can Andy get Kelsey to try a food-waste restaurant? Listen to this English lesson to find out!


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Andy_H:  Kelsey, I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally hear that there are food-waste restaurants.

Kelsey:  Food waste? What does that mean?

Andy_H:  Food that goes wasted, you know, like, you have a lot of lettuce, and then you don’t sell it all. Well, they’re finally recycling that lettuce. Putting it into grocery stores, into food shelters. They’re finally using all this food that otherwise would just expire and rot.

Kelsey:  Wait, so does that mean they’re taking, like, expired food, and then we’re eating it at a restaurant? That sounds kind of gross.

Andy_H:  Well, it’s not expired food. It’s food that’s about to be expired. So, instead of just letting the stuff rot and then throw it away, they repackage the food. They make sure that it’s used in another way. There are restaurants that, as soon as its sell-by date passes, throw it into other dishes before it actually becomes wasteful food. I can’t begin to tell you how good this is on a level of consumerism. We waste so much food! Billions of pounds of food go wasted all over the globe, and we have how many problems with starving people?

Kelsey:  So, it’s perfectly safe and healthy?

Andy_H:  You betcha.

Kelsey:  Well then, it sounds like a good idea. I guess I’ll give it a try.

Andy_H:  Not only safe, it’s gourmet.


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Kelsey doesn’t know what food-waste restaurants are, and she doesn’t understand why they make Andy so happy. Andy can explain. A food-waste restaurant gets food that is almost expired or at its sell-by date. The restaurant will then quickly cook and sell the food. Andy likes the idea of using old food because most people just throw it away.

To Kelsey, recycling old food is a little gross. She doesn’t want to eat something that’s about to rot! But once Andy explains that the food is totally safe and tasty, Kelsey agrees to try a food-waste restaurant. After all, she shouldn’t waste food when other people are starving. And who knows, maybe food waste can actually become a gourmet meal.

Do you waste a lot of food at home? In your country, what do stores do when food is expired?



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It should be prepared enough for the people inside.

08:56 AM Mar 20 2017 |

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Slavic miracle

Russian Federation

Hi all, I didn’t understand why they call meals with expired products – a gourmet meal? Do you know any examples of such kind of meals?

I think that idea about providing starving people in the world with almost rot food is very difficult logistic task which becomes more difficult because of short term of delivering. I’m not sure about it.

I try to buy enough food and do not throw it away.

05:51 AM Mar 14 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Wasteful Expenditure or prodigality (Israf) is a great sin in my religion and also I think in all religions!

06:59 PM Mar 13 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

No I dont waste food at all!

I manage to cook enough and even the last piece will be eaten by the family!

Sometimes cats enjoy of a little leftover foods! Of course we buy special food for cats! 😸

In fact I dont know what happen for expired foods but I think the stores and resturants have to obliterate expired foods by law!

I hope they dont repackage and sell them again to people and we think the foods are always sell by date!

It is a good idea if we could recycle the old foods to make animal foods or using as fertalizer!

Or before they become expired give them to people who are starving!

It is much more better than thowing away the foods!

06:41 PM Mar 13 2017 |



I think that the food is a lot waste. In my country in Italy there are also many dog and animals that died for the angry.There are a lot of animal house that have need the food and the restaurant must give them the food free.

06:07 PM Mar 13 2017 |




Such a good concept is Andy telling Kelsey. With millions of people going hungry around the world, and  at the end of the day food chains and restaurants  throw it away tons of still edible food because they can´t be sold next day. Isn´t this a sin ? .In my country, poor people each night line up in front of restaurants to receive this food that otherwise would be dumped in the trash bin. In Brazil , they have open-air food markets. During the day fruits and vegetables are sold at the regular price ,and at closing time what is left is sold to poor people at a much cheaper price. 

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