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Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Learn English meaning of 'Las Vegas'

Date: May 03 2017

Themes: Hobbies, Party, Travel


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Want to live large? You could go to Dubai, Ibiza, or Rio de Janeiro. But if you also like drinking and gambling, go to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a flashy city in the Arizona desert.

You can see many breathtaking things in Vegas. There’s an Eiffel tower, a Statue of Liberty, a giant pyramid, and even real canals with gondolas! However, before you go ask Elvis for his autograph, remember that it’s Vegas. Everything is fake.


breathtaking adj.


Example That dress is breathtaking on you.

fake adj.


Example That sushi in the window is fake. It's made out of plastic.

live large expr.


Example Every year, I like to go on a Caribbean cruise and live large. I get massages, drink expensive cocktails, and go to the spa every day.

gambling n.


Example It's clear that gambling is the biggest business in Las Vegas.

flashy adj.


Example Mike just got a flashy new Porsche. It's bright orange.

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Do you like to live large? Do you want to visit Las Vegas someday?


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I would like to live large when I was young but there was no economic condition to stand me that time.  In other words,  more was a kind of vanity in a worship. 

I haven’t thought the visiting Las Vegas .  it is so far away for me to think it. 

02:27 AM May 03 2017 |

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