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Food Trucks
Food Trucks

Learn English meaning of ‘food trucks’

Date: May 15 2017

Themes: Food, Hobbies

Grammar: It's vs. Its


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Food trucks are a great part of US popular culture. In the past, construction workers liked food trucks because they served grab and go food. Recently, many fancy restaurants went out of business. Then, their chefs made their own food trucks. Food from food trucks became delicious! Food trucks are now very popular and trendy with millennials.

Food trucks serve many kinds of food: Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese, Lebanese, fast food, coffee, desserts, and more. They are often colorful, tiny, and cramped. But they serve up awe-inspiring, delicious food! Some people think it is challenging to wait in the long lines. Other people say it is worth the wait!

Both Gary and Jessica love food trucks. Listen as Jessica talks about food truck cuisine in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Gary:  What do you think about stopping at one of these food trucks to get some food?

Jessica:  Well, actually, I know a great place. One of my really good friends started a food truck, and it’s really taking off.

Gary:  Huh.

Jessica:  Yeah, he was an aspiring chef, and he just decided to travel and learn more about food and the business. Yeah, he’s doing really, really well.

Gary:  Whenever I look at these chefs, I just wonder to myself, how can they do this? To be cramped into this super small box and serve up such delicious and just awe-inspiring foods… when there’s no space to create this! How do they do that?

Jessica:  I know, but it’s incredible! He really creates these quick to make dishes and… I mean, it’s grab and go. You can walk up… you do have to wait in a line, sometimes! But it’s definitely worth the wait, trust me. But… I know it can be challenging in such a tight space. I will say though, it is incredible food.

Gary:  They think outside of the box, which is very different than a brick and mortar chef who has an entire line of people helping them to prepare the meal…

Jessica:  Exactly!

Gary:  So, I don’t know how they do it but… Oh, this looks really good.

Jessica:  It does. You want to try it?

Gary:  Let’s do it!

Jessica:  All right.


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Gary wants to get food at a food truck. Jessica talks about her friend, a chef, who started one. He travelled the world, learned about food, and started an amazing food truck. Gary is amazed with food trucks. The workers create delicious food in a very cramped space. He doesn’t know how they do it.

Jessica agrees. Her friend makes delicious grab and go food in a small space. There is usually a long line for the food. She says it is worth the wait! Gary says food trucks are more experimental than restaurants. They can be much more creative. Jessica agrees. They see a food truck and wait in line.

What do you think about food trucks? Have you eaten food from a food truck?



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eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I really love food from food trucks, they are fast and delicious!

Here in Brazil we have a preference for them, most part of people prefer to go to these kind of restaurant instead of pizza places or real restaurants :)

02:34 PM Jun 01 2017 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

h i there i want to ask you that is it possibel for you make a way when we download the audio  file it contains pdf file as well.

04:24 PM May 16 2017 |

La Princesse de la vie


Food trucks are not so common here, however there’s one opened just a short while ago. I haven’t tried yet, but my friends love it already.

09:07 PM May 15 2017 |

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