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Learn English meaning of ‘cyberbullying’

Date: Jun 12 2017

Themes: Friend, Health, School

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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The internet is a different world. When people talk on the internet, they can hide their identity. They can say mean or hurtful things that they would never say to someone in real life. No one is there to step in and hold them accountable. This is why teenagers have a lot of trouble feeling safe and secure on the internet.

Cyberbullying is when someone harasses or attacks a victim online. They may spread rumors, gossip, say hurtful things, and more. Over half of all teenagers have been a victim of cyberbullying. Since teenagers care a lot about their peers, cyberbullying can have a negative lasting effect on their self esteem. They may feel very lonely or depressed.

Jordin’s cousin was a victim of cyberbullying. Listen as she talks about his experience with Kelsey in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Kelsey:  Hey Jordin, how is your cousin doing? I know he was a victim of cyberbullying.

Jordin:  Yeah, he’s doing better. It was really hard on him, though. He was feeling really embarrassed and having a hard time going to school while it was happening. It was really rough on him.

Kelsey:  Yeah, did anybody in the school like the teachers or principals get involved?

Jordin:  Yeah, they ended up stepping in because he was talking to the counselor about what was going on. And the kid that was bullying him actually ended up getting suspended from school. So, that’s a relief!

Kelsey:  Yeah, no, that’s really good!

Jordin:  Yeah, I just feel bad it has such a lasting effect on his self esteem. I’m worried it’s going to be hard for him to recover.

Kelsey:  Yeah, I just can’t imagine dealing with that as like a teenager.

Jordin:  Right, already your hormones are going crazy. And you feel like the world is against you. And then, all of a sudden, you’ve got like this whole other element to deal with.

Kelsey:  And it’s hard to know what to believe because your peers are like everything at that age.

Jordin:  Right, right. And so you feel like you’re super alone and it’s really easy to just go down a rabbit hole.

Kelsey:  Well, keep me posted on how he’s doing and if you know like of any way to help other teens, like I’d be really interesting in helping.

Jordin:  Yeah. Actually, he’s starting a youth group for other teens who are going through the same thing, which is super awesome. So, maybe, you could volunteer.

Kelsey:  Yeah, no that’d be cool!

Jordin:  Awesome!


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Kelsey asks Jordin how her cousin is doing. He was a victim of cyberbullying. Jordin says he is good but had a hard time going to school. The experience was very rough on him. Kelsey asks Jordin if anyone at school got involved. Jordin says yes, and that they suspended the kid who was cyberbullying. Kelsey is glad. Jordin is still worried about the lasting effect the experience has on her cousin’s self esteem. It’s going to be really hard for him to recover.

Kelsey can’t imagine dealing with that as a teenager. Jordin agrees and says that teenagers already go through a lot. And now, they have to deal with cyberbullying! Kelsey says it must be hard because peers are everything at that age. Jordin agrees. Victims of cyberbullying probably feel very alone. Kelseys asks Jordin to keep her posted on how her cousin is feeling. Jordin suggests that Kelsey volunteer for a youth group that he started. Kelsey says she would.

What is the most difficult thing about cyberbullying? Do you know a cyberbullying victim?



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La Princesse de la vie


It’s horrible what poeple with bad intentions can do when given access to the internet. I’d never been a cyberbullying victim and I pray for it to never happen.

10:19 PM Jun 14 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


Well, I’m an English teacher and it is easy to face many different ways of bullying inside a classroom, people are mean, and it is sad to see how perverse kids can be sometimes.

In my opinion the most difficult think about cyberbullying is to find out that your peers are laughing by your back all the time.

One of my students was suspended because of cyberbullying, and the victim is his own cousin, he said that the lasting effect is terrible, it is something you will never forget in your whole life!

If there is anybody out there that want to practice more English with send me a message on WhatsApp +55 16 9.9606-5632 I have an English group on WhatsApp and there are people all over the world there to help you practice all day long even more!

09:00 AM Jun 09 2017 |

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