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Revenge Body
Revenge Body

Learn English meaning of ‘revenge body’

Date: Oct 30 2017

Themes: Health, Pop Culture, Sports

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Getting dumped really hurts. It’s normal to mope around and feel sorry for yourself. After moping around for awhile, you may decide that you want to win your partner back. Or at least make him really regret dumping you! You could start working out at the gym. If you became a hottie with a ripped little revenge body, your ex might beg for you to take him back. But would you really want him?

“Revenge Body” is also a TV show starring Khloe Kardashian. She helps people get in shape, so they can feel better about themselves. A revenge body isn’t just to retaliate against your ex. Exercise helps your mood, and your physical health. If you are sad after getting dumped, exercise can help fight sadness and depression. Making your ex drool over your new body is just an added bonus.

Listen as Jordin talks to her trainer, Romeo, about getting revenge on her ex-boyfriend.


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Romeo:  So, what brings you into the gym today?

Jordin:  Well, my boyfriend recently dumped me. And I’m trying to get back at him by having the best revenge body ever. So…

Romeo:  Yes. Well, I will be the perfect trainer for you. I am all about the revenge.

Jordin:  Awesome! I’m really hoping to be super ripped. And I just want my abs to be like iron.

Romeo:  Yeah, yeah. You don’t want to mope around

Jordin:  No.

Romeo:  You know, just make him regret it, you know?

Jordin:  He will regret it!

Romeo:  That’s the best way to win someone back over.

Jordin:  Yeah! I’m going to win him back! Actually, I don’t even want to win him back. I don’t like him. I just want him to be jealous.

Romeo:  Ooh. So you want him to move on?

Jordin:  Yeah. I want him to move on. I want to move on. I want to find a new hottie.

Romeo:  Oh, shoot! Well, you better make sure you post all the pics on Instagram.

Jordin:  I will post on all of the social media. Even Twitter.

Romeo:  All right! Well, let’s start with them glutes.

Jordin:  Oh, glutes! Yes!

Romeo:  That’ll get him.

Jordin:  Yes! It’ll really get him. It’s his favorite part of my body.

Romeo:  And…set!

Jordin:  Yes, I can feel my body getting more beautiful by the moment!

Romeo:  All right, again. In through the nose… Out through the mouth. Yeah! We’re going to retaliate!

Jordin:  I’m going to make him hurt so bad!

Romeo:  There you go! Why don’t you start by taking a picture of us together working out?

Jordin:  OK!


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Jordin’s boyfriend just dumped her, and she wants to get the best revenge body ever. Romeo tells her that she came to right trainer. He is all about the revenge. Jordin wants to get super ripped, and really make her ex regret it. She really wants to make him jealous.

Romeo suggests that she post a bunch of pictures of her revenge body on Instagram. They decide to start working on Jordin’s glutes. Jordin’s glutes are her ex-boyfriend’s favorite part of her body. Romeo suggests Jordin post a picture of them working out together.

Have you ever tried making an ex jealous? Did you try getting a revenge body?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I,ve never tried to make an ex jealous. but when I was a student in college, I tried to get a revenge body, I went to gym for 3 monthes but I didn,t keep it on. after a few month when I had come back home, I went to gym again for 4 month. in that time I was a little ripped. I had good feeling about my self. 

10:27 AM Oct 30 2017 |

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When a girl in my youth dumped me, i worked hard to get a revenge body. I get ripped and athletic also I became addicted on training! I did that, not exactly to make the girl suffer or to be jealous. I was trying only to improve my self esteem because i was very sad with the situation. I have tried sometinhg to not mope around!

09:57 AM Oct 30 2017 |

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