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Ebaby! at the Olympics!

Olympic Stadium

Ebaby! went to Beijing, China, for the 2008 Olympics! We visited members, made fun videos, and taught English to everyone!

Ebaby! Silk Market Challenge

In many countries, haggling, or politely arguing over prices, is practically an Olympic sport. Watch Jason and John go to a market in Beijing to see who can get the best deal...and keep an eye out for famous actor, Jared Leto.

This video is full of useful vocab. Here are some terms you'll find.

bargain - a good deal, a cheap price
favored to win - expected or likely to win
an upset - when the person or team that isn't expect to win does
a whopping - used to introduce a large or impressive number
retro - old fashioned, from another time
fetish - a special liking for a particular thing






Ilike china and him people tradtion

10:17 AM Oct 09 2011 |




Ilike china and him people tradion

10:18 AM Oct 09 2011 |

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