get something over with

"get something over with"

Mar 18 2019


“Kat here with my friend Lucia. We just took an ice-skating test, and we’re so glad that we got it over with.”

—Ebaby!’s Kat, speaking about not worrying about her test anymore


finish something as soon as possible; complete a project or task


Kat and her friend, Lucia, have been preparing for an ice-skating test. It was a lot of hard work, and they didn’t know if they would pass. But now, they have taken the test and succeeded. They are so happy because they got it over with.

There are many difficult things we work on, such as projects, tests, and even hobbies. When we work hard, it can be stressful. But it always feels good to finish. It feels good to get the work over with, so we can relax and celebrate our success. What did you recently get over with? What do you do when you finish a big project?

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“I don’t think I will do well on this test, but I just want to get it over with.”

“When Sam gets over with building the house, he can finally move in.”

“You need to get the training over with. Then, you can begin working.”

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