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What does "early bird" mean?

Vocabulary Word: early bird

1. Definition (expr.) someone who likes getting up early in the morning

Examples My roommate is an early bird. She’s always up before dawn.

I can’t stand early birds because I’m always grumpy in the morning.

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i m loving scary dreams because it is not real when i wake up it is finishing and starting real life :)

09:56 PM Nov 05 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

i  have  an a larm clock ,other than  the   technological   clock…..

,sometimes  she  is sensitive  so  it  wake  me  very early …


  Sometimes at the same time  i want as   technological  clock … 


  Sometimes could   a little late….

  But perhaps because  she was in periods of intermittent

 so  the  time  was faster  then  it, or  we  must  not  blame , it is we who  are are not quick  

04:07 PM Nov 03 2011 |



Early bird, definetely i am. I have to take my mum to traditional market at 3  am and of course do the morning pray every day. Praying is a must, so i’ll always be early bird. Don’t let chicken beat you for waking up. 

01:24 PM Nov 03 2011 |



actually ,i m definetely early bird,i remember when i was studied in school,i m from the good habit,accustome get up so early ,and doing some thing in morning before other roommate get up,if i get up so late ,i feel waste time it’s not should be,normally ,i have done many things before my roommate get up,i feel so happy,and also , i like reading and blurt out english at morning and doing excise at monring ,such as jog and other sports ,i like the fresh air in the morning,many people are sleep but i practise,so nice,at lease ,save many time in my life. 

but some days if i feel so tired ,i m also not as early bird,and get up little late.

12:32 PM Nov 03 2011 |




Usually I get up before down, because my working day starts so early and because my kids are true early birds Smile

10:18 AM Nov 03 2011 |

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