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What does "sick of" mean?

Vocabulary Word: sick of

1. Definition (expr.) bored with, tired of, not interested in

Examples I’m so sick of Mexican food. Can’t we eat something else once in a while?

Examples I hope the bus comes soon. I’m really sick of waiting for it.

Examples Melissa usually gets sick of her boyfriends really quickly.

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2. Definition (expr.) tired of, disgusted by, bored with

Examples I’m so sick of hearing about Tiger Woods. He is in the news and on TV all the time.

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It is better to say :
I’m really sick of the decisions which comes out from the usa congrees .
The only reason why is they want to make dirt money by two horrify things . One is killing innocent people no matter where ! And the other one is destroying our unique planet as the earth .
It’s absolutely sick of for congrees people .

03:47 AM Dec 15 2015 |




I’m sick of my friend’s lies..!! Do you think i have to break up with her?

10:37 AM Jan 27 2014 |


johnSuper Member!

United States

I’m sick of the rain!

11:37 PM Apr 15 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’m sick of repetitive things, I can’t bear them not at all!

03:46 PM Apr 15 2013 |




I am sick of your lies. Stop lying. Be honest.

12:34 PM Apr 15 2013 |

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