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What does "kooky" mean?

Vocabulary Word: kooky

1. Definition (expr.) crazy; strange; different than normal; offbeat; eccentric

Examples My grandmother is getting kooky. Yesterday she had her shirt on backward, and she was wearing two different shoes.

Examples I watched a kooky show on TV last night. It’s called Survivor, and it’s about a group of people who are trying to live in Africa without food and water.

Examples My mom made some kooky food last night. We had pizza with goat cheese, pineapple, peppers, and garlic. It was weird, but it was good.

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2. Definition (adj.) strange; bizarre

Examples When my mother has a glass of wine she starts acting kooky.

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3. Definition (adj.) strange; unusual

Examples That is a kooky dress you are wearing. I’ve never seen a color like that before.

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