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What does "passed away" mean?

Vocabulary Word: passed away

1. Definition (v.) died

Examples My dog Lucy passed away when she was hit by a car.

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Russian Federation

It is very bad to passed away before your time.

10:59 AM Oct 29 2018 |

derek lu


     One of my classmates passed away 6 years ago.at that time he was a college student.One day he came to dormitory.Suddenly he felt faint for a moment.His roommates called a ambulance in hurry.Then he was taken to the hospital.Finally,Since that he never recovered.His parents felt very sad and almost cracked up.He was the only boy in his family.He always kept fit.Noone knows what’s the matter with him.Some people guess may be he ate some dirty food,Because there are many problems about food safety in China recent years.

02:22 AM Aug 03 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

peaple do not like passed away

12:20 PM Aug 02 2013 |




my grandmother passed away couple of years ago due to heart deaseas….......

01:22 PM Jul 12 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My friend in high school passed away by gas when he and his family slept in home

11:13 AM Jun 22 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

One of my best friends passed away when I was just 10! Since that time I never forgot him :(

05:34 PM May 10 2013 |

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